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Delve into ancient history with a unique online degree program in classical studies. Liberal Arts and Humanities program in classical studies cover elements of ancient Greek and Roman politics, language, and culture, including visual and performing arts, ancient myth, and literature. Choose among the following popular degree distinctions:

  • Latin and Roman studies
  • Classical civilization
  • Classical studies

Classics majors are popular at all levels, from the broad-based bachelor's degree to the specialized and intensive PhD. Your career goals and existing education will help determine the exact classical studies degree you choose.

Classical Studies Degree Coursework

Coursework in a classical studies degree program will depend on the degree level and exact major you're pursuing. Expect to see the following general categories in your education:

  • Greek and Latin languages
  • ancient history (political, social and cultural)
  • ancient myth and religion
  • philosophy and literature in translation

Students at the doctoral level will have more freedom to research and study within their classical study interests. At the undergraduate level, students should expect a broad base of study.

Careers With Classical Studies College Degrees

Graduates of classical degree programs tend to combine their career training with additional education and career experience to move into a broad range of fields. The classical studies bachelor's degree is also unique option for students hoping to earn graduate degrees in professional fields, such as medical or law. Take a look at a few popular career fields for classical studies majors:

  • museum administration
  • cultural resource management
  • medical and law school
  • business
  • publishing and journalism

Explore classical studies college degrees in order to gain a fuller understanding of the options available. By studying history's great civilizations, you deepen your knowledge and improve your ability to interact with the world around you.

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