Online Art and Design Degrees in Music

If a desk job just isn’t for you, consider a career in music. This is a tough industry, characterized by intermittent, part-time work and unusual schedules. But for the dedicated musician or music-loving entrepreneur, there’s no substitute. Online career training in music or music business can help you compete for gigs or jobs in the recording industry. A formal education in music can help sharpen your knowledge of music history and the technical aspects behind music itself.

Music Career Training

The music degree curriculum attempts to give students a foundation in both theoretical studies and music skills to comprehend and appreciate music through an intellectual method. A degree program in art & design in music can help to develop your existing talent as well as your personal enjoyment of music. Some may consider the love for music as a leisure activity, but it can often lead to a career in the music industry. A degree in music should allow you to explore the technical knowledge behind music, music theory, instruments, composition, general music performance, and more. In addition, due to growing technological advances, you can expect your studies to include computer based knowledge of music as well. A formal degree in music is typically not a requirement for success in the music industry, but it may help to distinguish you from the crowd.

Music Career Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, a degree in music does not mean you are confined to a career of performance music or singing. The opportunities are much broader and you can find work in media production, musical journalism, studio management, music recording development, and more.

In addition, those with a degree in music often teach private lessons or offer individual coaching session. If you find that you are truly interested in the formal teaching of music, you should also explore the possibilities of graduate studies of music education. One career opportunity that inevitably comes with a music degree is the networking and relationships you can develop while in school–imagine being surrounded by peers who all share your passion and interest for music.

The job outlook for individuals with career training in music looks bright. From music teacher to performer, director to producer, the music industry is diverse and competitive. With the right career training, dedication, and creativity, you can find your place in the heart of the music world.

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