Online Education Guide: Guide to College Majors

Use our online education guide to investigate online degree programs. Whether you want to learn more about a field of study you’ve always been interested in, or you’re looking for inspiration in the form of a career path you’ve never considered before, there’s information here for you.

Online degree programs are available for as many college majors as there are careers. Here are some key areas of study:

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Arts and HumanitiesArts and humanities majors were the foundation of the classic university education. They are intended to develop the critical thinking skills necessary in various professions.
BusinessBusiness is a rapidly evolving field with many possible specializations. As business functions increasingly occur online, earning a business degree online may prepare students for the professional world.
Criminal JusticeCriminal justice degrees exist for every aspect of law enforcement from legal secretaries to police officers. Whether you prefer to work in the courtroom or at a crime scene there are numerous possibilities in this field.
EducationEducation is a popular degree for individuals who want to have an influence on the way people are taught. Whether you’d like to work with young children in elementary school, young adults in high school or even educational administration, there are related online degree programs available.
EngineeringEngineering has options from aerospace to biomedical to civil engineering. Regardless of specialty, engineers are responsible for highly complex tasks involving a variety of technologies.
Health and MedicalHealth and medical degrees are not just for doctors. Whether you want to be a dental assistant or investigate a career in healthcare administration, an online degree may help you reach your goal.
ScienceScience encompasses an extremely broad range of degrees and careers including earth sciences, life sciences, chemistry and physics. Individuals with degrees in science may work as lab technicians, researchers or even teachers.
Social SciencesSocial sciences focus on how individuals, groups and institutions respond to change, make decisions and otherwise interact with one another. There are as many career options for social sciences majors as there are online degrees available.
Technology and ITTechnology and IT is a rapidly evolving field. Online degrees are available in many specialties within the fields of computer science, information technology and more.
VocationalVocational programs tend to be short, streamlined programs that emphasize skills for a specific career. Because the careers these programs focus on are usually hands-on in nature, it is rare to find a vocational program that is 100% online. However, in many cases, parts of the curriculum can be taken in an online or hybrid format.’s Guide to College Majors and Degree Programs provides information which degree programs are available online. Explore career options within a particular major, learn about certification and licensure requirements and more:

  • The college major defined
  • Types of degree programs offered
  • Degree specializations available
  • Information on certification and licensure
  • Education paths for entry-level jobs
  • Graduate programs for job advancement
  • Career path options
  • Top jobs and career trends
  • Online college courses vs. on-campus education

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