Online Art and Design Degrees in Film & Television

And the Oscar goes to… Have you always wanted to hear your name at the end of that statement? Online art & design programs in television, motion pictures, and theater from accredited universities and colleges are available to you. Learn about filmmaking, television and motion picture effects, digital visual effects, theatre history, and more.

Career in Film and Television

The Entertainment Business is full of opportunities. This seems to be one business that is recession-resistant. People always want to be entertained. Film companies and television channels have a variety of behind the scenes and in front of the camera positions. Cinematography, screenwriting, set design, acting, production, and directing are just some of the roles in this industry. Formal degree programs and online training can give you the background experience necessary to help you break into “the business.”

Online Film and Television Training

We all know that film and television is glamorous, high-profile, and very desirable. This also means it is competitive. Experience and training may give you the confidence and skills needed to succeed in this industry. Coursework might include photography, lighting, computer animation, costume or stage design, film editing, sound technology, and camera operations. Strong skills in computing and digital experience are particularly important today– the film and television industry is so dependent on computer technology.

In addition to film and television, several other fields require similar training. Video, online animation, and gaming are just a few of the other associated industries.

Film and Television Online Degree

There are several degree and certificate training opportunities for film and television including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs.

The associate’s degree program may provide hands-on experience that prepares students to work in nearly any sector of the film or TV industry. The bachelor’s degree program will immerse you in a broad range of filmmaking skills, including producing, directing, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, screenwriting, production design, and acting. After gaining experience, students will specialize in one area for the purpose of portfolio development. A Master in Motion Pictures & Television degree offers graduate students the opportunity to expand on their individual visions and skill sets as filmmakers. The graduate program culminates in a thesis project designed to launch students’ careers in their chosen fields.

Actors’ incomes are not very steady, and many actors hold a variety of jobs between TV or film opportunities; however, there are many facets of the entertainment business that do offer reliable salaries. Many of these positions require highly trained and qualified candidates. Your online degree can help you achieve these goals.

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