Online Hospitality Management MBA Programs

The hospitality & tourism MBA is a specialized degree with applications in a wide variety of careers. All sectors of the booming hospitality and tourism industries employ management techniques at varying levels, and the best jobs often go to candidates with some amount of education or experience.

An online MBA in hospitality & tourism management provides specialized training that proves your career commitment to potential employers. Typical courses in a hospitality & tourism MBA program might include:

  • Convention management
  • International tourism
  • Travel & hospitality technology
  • Employee management

Though jobs directly involved with hotels or tourism may seem to be the obvious choice for hospitality & tourism MBA graduates, a variety of careers are possible. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that graduates from hospitality management programs should have especially good opportunities in restaurant management, and that graduate degrees with a hospitality specialization are especially attractive for hotel managerial positions.

An attractive salary is another benefit of finding a secure career in the hospitality and tourism industries. Lodging managers earned an average of $37,660 in 2004, and travel agents reported average earnings of $27,640. No degree program can guarantee a particular salary or career, but an online hospitality & tourism MBA can give you the practical skills and knowledge you need in a field where hiring managers typically prefer or require education.

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