Online Operations and Supply Chain Management MBA

Operations and supply chain managers work in industry, acquiring, maintaining, and disbursing inventory. You’ll need to be a good strategist, have strong computer skills, and sheer physical stamina to oversee a business’s operations and supply chain.

Online MBA Study in Operations and Supply Chain Management
An online MBA is the most popular program for nontraditional study. Should you choose this nontraditional degree path, you’ll prepare yourself to compete for higher paying positions in your own or a related industry. Flexible online study in supply chain management allows you to wed an advanced business education in marketing and finance with specialized training in logistics and operations management. An MBA in supply chain management emphasizes real-world applications and organizational understanding. Some online MBA programs offer accelerated study in operations and supply chain management, getting you out the door and into the executive job market in only ten months.

Careers with an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Expect to work evenings and weekends in your supply chain management position and expect to travel as well. This fast-paced, high pressure career isn’t for everybody, but if you’re up to the demands of operations management, you might pull down a salary in the $65-$70,000 range or higher with industry experience. Managers with exceptional computer and Internet savvy should be in demand.

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