Online Executive MBA Programs

Online executive MBA programs are among the most popular online degrees on the market, and with good reason. Executive MBAs position mid-level managers to take on executive responsibility, and executive-level managers to solidify their leadership skills. Graduates of executive MBA programs go on to positions ranging from project manager to chief executive officer.

An executive MBA equips managers with the skills they need to lead a business to success including critical thinking, organizational development, and change management. Coursework includes corporate strategy, team leadership, valuation and risk return, and operations management.

The online format enables working professionals to take advantage of an executive MBA education without taking a leave of absence. The MBA is a crucial stepping stone to an executive career, but a traditional two-year campus degree is not feasible for most mid-career managers. Online education offers applied instruction and flexible scheduling options.

Though the executive MBA does not guarantee salary, executive-level employees earn the highest salaries in the corporate world. CEOs earn the most; the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a starting salary of $140,350, but salaries upwards of $700,000 are common. Generally, executives at the top executive MBA levels have average salaries of $130,000 to $200,000.

The executive MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees worldwide, a resource for managers who want to realize their leadership potential.

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