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Business school prepares students for real-world challenges by teaching them to analyze real-world problems. At the undergraduate level, students must research and understand case studies of both superstar successes and colossal failures of the business world. At the graduate level, MBA candidates often work in teams to launch mock businesses - some of which even take hold in reality to become true success stories. Throughout their careers, many working professionals take online courses in business to boost specific skills or qualify for promotions.

Along the way, business majors pick up skills that allow them to flourish either as general business professionals or as specialists. By studying accounting, finance, economics, and other fundamentals of the business world, students can learn to make consistent, accurate decisions that can serve customers, reward investors, and shape society.

In addition, business majors take many courses outside the school of business. This broad exposure to other areas allows students to shape their career paths by gaining deep experience in a particular industry, like science or technology. Many colleges and universities also provide business majors with instruction in ethics, culture, and history, in order to help them place their business decisions in the broadest possible context.

What Jobs are Hot in Business?

Accounting. In light of the accounting scandals that rocked companies like Enron and WorldCom, businesses of all sizes need well-trained compliance personnel. Auditors and accountants work both within companies and as outside consultants to keep their eyes on the books and make sure businesses uphold their ethical standards. Business majors who specialize in financial management and corporate security can expect extremely strong job prospects after they earn their degrees.

HOT Degrees

International Business. If you love foreign cultures as much as you love to conduct business, more than a few Fortune 500 companies would like to meet you. The explosion of global trade has created a surge in demand for international business specialists. For business majors who can't wait to start their day with a donut in New York and finish it with sushi in Tokyo, the corporate world extends tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Marketing and Sales. Could you convince a fish to buy a glass of water? Business majors who understand marketing and negotiation can always earn commissions as professional salespeople. Unlike other careers that might rise and fall with the state of a particular trend or product, the strongest sales professionals can apply their skills to any situation. Every business lives or dies by the quality of its sales force, and smart business majors use their degree programs as proving grounds for these important talents. If direct sales isn't your cup of tea, consider applying your creative talents to marketing and advertising, designing mass-media campaigns to raise awareness of your company's product or service.

Financial Planning. Americans take a more active role in their financial wellness than ever before. Though previous generations spent their entire lives working toward a pension at the same company, today's workers understand the need to plan for an independent future. Business majors who love to work directly with people can thrive as certified financial planners. Helping clients preserve income and grow their wealth, a strong financial planner can directly impact the quality of life for multiple generations of client families.

Why Should You Consider a College Major in Business?

Whether you want to dive directly into business straight from high school, or you want to add strong business skills to an already successful career in another field, a business degree can teach you how to make strategic decisions that help your company succeed.

A strong business school program can prepare younger students to start their careers at a higher rung of the ladder. Business school graduates can leap into strong positions that require long work hours, lots of travel, and exhausting negotiations. By applying their business school skills to the real-world demands of their employers, business majors can establish strong track records in their fields early on.

Advantages of online college courses in business

Experienced professionals who add a business degree to their credentials benefit from combining their life experience with a formal education. Online business administration degrees are becoming more and more popular as they allow students to implement their new skills at their current careers. Over time, online business majors can move up the career ladder while still earning their degree. Once they finish their coursework, they can move up within their company or they can make the leap to a different company.

What kinds of candidates make the best business majors?

The best business majors possess a strong competitive spirit. Unlike other majors, where students earn grades based on their knowledge of a given subject, business program participants must fight to earn good grades. These battles can take place in model business competitions, in business plan mockups, even in courses where professors grade on a curve. Business majors must want to win in order to make a living in the corporate world. Their school experience mirrors that everyday struggle for survival and for success.Admissions counselors look for applicants who display the ability to conduct business efficiently and ethically. Business schools look for candidates who possess strong math skills, familiarity with computers, and critical thinking abilities.

More recently, schools have started to screen applicants using tests of morals and ethics, in order to emphasize their commitment to preventing future business disasters. Many schools pose ethical dilemmas in application essays or during candidate interviews. One admissions officer has even left wallets and credit cards in college restrooms just to test the honesty of potential students.

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