Human Services Phd Degree Programs Online

PhD in Human Services Programs

According to the Human Services Network, most jobs in the field of human services are paraprofessional (meaning aides and assistants). These positions include activities coordinators, in-home staff, and child-care workers. However, the PhD in Social Science with a specialization in human services can provide you with the education and experience to advance to higher levels of professional responsibility. You can earn your PhD in human services from an accredited institution at your convenience by studying online.

With a PhD in human services, you might specialize in social work, criminal justice, family studies and interventions, human services administration, or general studies. General studies include instruction in psychology, social services, social services law and administration, human services policy, planning and evaluation, and applications.

The skills gained from a degree in human services are highly desirable, and jobs are available throughout the country. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the government is hiring people with PhDs in human services, with some starting salaries ranging from $45,000 to $55,000. Of course, no degree program can guarantee a future salary or position. However, accredited degrees and certificates are typically required or preferred by employers hiring in human services, and many specifically request that job candidates hold a PhD.

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