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Interested in trying out online education for the first time? Returning to school after a break? Love school and want to learn more? The four sections of Education Advisor offer a variety of education advice and information for all types of students. Whether you have a question or you're looking for suggestions on how to transfer credits, research schools, or choose a major, WorldWideLearn can help.

Ask the Professor

What's the Difference Between Finance and Accounting?

The decision to specialize in either accounting or finance can impact the type of coursework a student may take as well as their potential professional path after graduation.

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Tips & Advice

Applying for Financial Aid: When, Where & How

Applying for financial aid can be as complicated as applying for a degree program, but it's a crucial part of getting your education. Most schools recommend applying for financial aid at least three months before you plan on entering school, but narrowing down your list of schools can be time consuming. To get a head start, consider beginning your financial aid application process before you decide on your schools.

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