Train at home in your spare time to be a Gunsmith with these distance education training courses and diploma programs.

Gunsmithing Training Programs

Americans privately own over 200 million guns, a record number that increases by 4.5 million annually, according to the National Rifle Association. These figures suggest increasing employment for gunsmiths, who clean and repair firearms. Job opportunities for those in precision repair are expected to grow at least as fast as average between now and 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gunsmithing: Average Salaries

No career training program can make promises about salary or job placement, but wages for those skilled in precision repair range from $13.47 to over $21 an hour on average. Where you live may have an effect on potential earnings, as areas with greater gun ownership will likely yield a higher need for a gunsmith's services. As with any profession, the right training and a reputation for good work will likely help you bring in earnings at the top end.

Gunsmith Training

Those with an interest in firearms can turn their hobby into a career with gunsmith training. A career in gunsmithing can be undertaken as a full time or part-time career, and is especially suitable for self-employment. A gunsmith course will likely cover firearm repair, antique firearms, and firearm customization. Online education makes it possible for students to become qualified for a career as a gunsmith while studying at their own pace and convenience.