Six Steps to a Six Figure Job with a Four-Year Degree

You can earn six figures in six simple steps. Find a college degree that challenges and surprises you, and completing the steps below may not even seem like work. By earning your bachelor’s degree online, you can’t make the process even easier.

Step 1: Match Your Skills to a College Degree

Are you personable and outgoing, or do you prefer facts and figures? Do you love computers, art, movies, or books? If you could take one item to a desert island, what would it be? Ask yourself the questions that help you match your interests and skills to the perfect bachelor’s degree.

It even helps to think about jobs you didn’t like; for example, if your favorite part about working retail was talking to people, you might fit well in a business management position. Studying for a bachelor’s degree that interests you can make your years in school fly by.

Step 2: Specialize in a Career Field with Growth Potential

Interested in graphic design? Think about Web and digital design over print. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that while 300 new jobs in print-heavy desktop publishing are projected to open up from 2006-2016, a whopping 26,000 are expected to become available for graphic designers. For each, a bachelor’s degree in graphic design would suffice, but you might see more luck with additional Web design training.

In general, look for a bachelor’s degree in a field with growth potential. Health care and information technology (IT) careers are supposed to see big leaps, and education workers in some locations and fields are in higher demand than ever.

Step 3: Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

This step comes with a few benefits. For starters, earning your bachelor’s degree online gives you the chance to keep your full-time career while you study. The years you spend in school can also be spent earning valuable experience in the industry. For fields such as IT and other high-tech industries, going to school online lets you practice your technical ability as you learn. In that sense, you’re getting extra training to operate with confidence in the digital world.

Step 4: Capitalize on Your College Degree Credential

If you’re looking for a job while you’re in school, don’t be afraid to mention your degree goals. Hiring managers often like to see potential employees taking the initiative to educate themselves. Once you have the degree, don’t waste your time in a position that undervalues your education. Though you might not start on day one with a six figure salary, you may get there if you’re proving your value to employers.

Step 5: Make Smart Career Moves

Once you’ve landed a good job, don’t stop there! Starting salaries for computer engineers averaged $56,201 in 2008, but the BLS reports that mean annual wages across the profession were $100,180. Get from point A to point B by working hard, finding the right company for you, and not being afraid to ask for a raise or change businesses altogether. While earning your bachelor’s degree, it might be wise to take a few business administration courses to beef up your business savvy.

Step 6: Work Your Way Up the Ladder

Once you’re satisfied with your career moves and your first years of work, it’s time to stay relevant. Moving up the ladder often requires more education; for example, if you’re looking for a management position in your field, a master’s in business administration (MBA) could be money well spent. Keep IT skills current with certifications, or complete coursework that applies to potential new responsibilities. When you value your education, others will value your knowledge.

Start with a Bachelor’s Degree

Every six figure career starts with a single step, and a bachelor’s degree can get you started on your journey. Many colleges let you enter a program without declaring a major, so even if you aren’t exactly sure of your path, you can start getting those general electives out of the way. Thanks to online degree programs, getting your bachelor’s degree has never been easier. What are you waiting for?



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