Cramming for Exams? 9 Quick Study Tips to Use Now

OK, so maybe you should have started implementing your grand organizational plans a little earlier in the semester – but now it’s time for some triage. Adapted from our hit article “The 22 Best Study Tips Ever,” here are some quickies to use in an academic emergency.

Review your notes. This may seem obvious, but it’s a good place to start when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’ll help refresh your memory and get you focused. Try reading them out loud to keep you on task.
Review errors on corrected homework and exams. Be sure to figure out exactly what you did wrong, so you won’t make the same mistakes again.
Memorize less, understand more. Try typing out important concepts or assignments in your own words. It will help you figure out what you know and what you’re not sure of.
Study buddies can help you get motivated and stay focused. But save the pizza until the end of the study session.
Get off the computer. Look at your notes and your books. A change of scenery, even just for your eyeballs, can refresh your mind.
Be a critical thinker. Apply your newfound knowledge to your own experience to draw conclusions and help you remember concepts. Don’t just parrot back what you’ve learned.
Find a quiet place to study. Frat house bad. Library, study room good.
Discover your best study hour-are you a night owl or an early bird? Picking the right time of day will make a huge difference.
Be positive, even when you feel bogged down. Make a list of your ultimate goal(s), to remind yourself why you’re doing this and how it’s going to help you in the future.

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