Athletic Training Blogs to Improve Your Performance

One thing is for sure: athletes need to be at the top of their game to perform optimally. Sometimes you can gain the tips you need from your like-minded athletic friends or training associates, but other times you need to access information more quickly or find a variety of opinions; this can be done online. These top 10, based on our judgment, essential athletic training blogs can be useful to you in any number of ways: by broadening your understanding of the functioning of the human body, by providing you tips to accelerate your performance or just by helping you come up with new ideas for your work-outs.

Top 10 athletic blogs to enhance your training

Athletico: This blog, subtitled ‘Better for Every Body,’ offers all sorts of important athlete-related information as relayed to readers by a number of posters. Ladies — are you curious about whether you should wear high heels or sandals? Neither might be the answer and you can explore the answers why by reading a recent post on this site. Read other informative posts on topics such as the IT band syndrome, ACL injuries and basketball, and strengthening and stretching the glutes and piriformis.

Brian Schiff’s Blog: This blog, written by a physical therapist, is all about injury prevention and sports rehabilitation and performance. Schiff touches on a number of topics ranging from the best hip mobility exercises to IT band syndrome and even continuing education courses. He uses pictures and diagrams in his posts to better explain what he is discussing and to help readers gain increased insight.

EliteTrack: Whether you want to read about becoming a master coach or learn more about doing hurdle splits, you’ll discover a ton of training information to help benefit your performance. Expect fresh material and insights on a regular basis as posts made almost daily keep you informed. Hear from a number of different contributors about their perspectives on what it takes to succeed and about their experiences with new equipment, performance, training and more.

Moms Team: If you’re into sports and you’re a parent, this site might be for you. Not only does it talk about sports involvement from the perspective of a mom or dad, it also talks about the pressures of succeeding as a kid athlete. You’ll also find a ton of information related to health and safety, nutrition and successful parenting on the site, making this URL well worth the visit.

Peak Performance: Find entertaining blog posts on this site written by real adults who actually get out and shake an exercise leg in the morning. For example, read about the trials and hopes of one female runner as she trains for an upcoming half-marathon as well as about some of the irritating comments that she’s sometimes heard, like this one while recovering from a cold: “Aren’t you runners meant to be really fit and healthy?”

Q by Equinox: Discover a wide variety of topics on this site ranging from interval training to become a better runner to things you can learn while getting your hair colored at the salon. Divulge yourself in topics as diverse as fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. In fact, if you’re looking for a refresher course in nutrition, take a look at the one of the more recent posts on the site about sprouts: alfalfa, Brussels, and several others, that is, and discover why they’re so beneficial.

Sports Training Blog: Yum, discover tips to help you become a better athlete whether that means partaking in one of the nine everyday superfoods for athletes (avocado, bananas, chicken, etc.) or learning how to effectively recover from a workout while building muscle at the same time. This blog provides the type of information that can be beneficial to athletes and help them to build their performance while also keeping nutrition in mind.

The Concussion Blog: Yes, you’ve finally discovered the web site about all things concussion-related. The posts, made by a certified athletic trainer, focuses on the fact that concussion is not just a football-related concern, but actually relevant to all sports. Read about the recent sports safety summit in New Jersey or what a school board in Maryland is doing to help ensure its athletes stay safe. You’ll find topical news items related to concussion, sports, safety, and more posted on this site.

Travis Steffen’s Workout Box: What a fun site to explore: you can watch a video about a gym organizer called the GLO bag. This bag is designed to hang from the top of a gym locker and also provides a few internal shelves to separate out shoes from fresh clothes and other items. You’ll find other product recommendations on this site as well as how-to videos for concentration and hammer curls as well as leg extensions, hanging leg raises and more.

Velocity Sports Performance: Athletes beware! You’ll find a ton of training tips on this site given to you through video clips: how to increase your juke move speed, how to measure athletic efficiency, and even how to run faster. All, or most, are hosted by Velocity Sports Performance Employee Jason Moreno, who smartly demonstrates his fine points by having athletes perform them while he talks.

Training for a career

There are many career options that might be right for those interested in fitness or peak athletic performance. If you are already a working adult, you can look for alternative training options that could lead to a new career: such as an online nutrition degree or master’s degree in physical therapy (consider that job growth for physical therapists is predicted at 39 percent, 2010-2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — this job growth is described as much faster than average). You can also find online certificate programs related to fitness, athletic training, and more. Whatever your options, these top 10 athletic training blogs could lead you to smarter decisions about peak performance but also benefit you in more ways than imagined.

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