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Distance learning lets you train for a new career anytime, anywhere!
Looking to train for a new career? Perhaps you'd like to start your own business! Schools and training companies offer a wide range of distance learning and online vocational training courses, certificates and diploma programs.

Whether you're looking for your first job, looking for a new career path or looking to upgrade your current skills, you need up-to-date and relevant training.

Online vocational training allows you to continue working while you study, and allows you to go at your own pace. Many of the courses offered online meet or exceed the standards needed to gain technical certification and/or union membership (check with your local, regional or national certification bodies and unions for details).

What's Online Learning Like?
Contrary to what you might think, learning online is highly engaging and offers many opportunities for interaction with both fellow students and faculty members.

Through video, text, audio animation and other media, the course material is engaging and immediate; live video, synchronous chats, bulletin boards and e-mail allows you to communicate with the instructors and your fellow students. Online learning takes the best of all types of education and brings it to your desktop.

What You Should Look For
There are many factors in evaluating an online vocational program. You'll need to look for the delivery method that best suits your needs. And as online learning requires a certain amount of self-discipline, you may want to look at your particular learning style.

Many of the trade and career diploma courses listed here will get you started on the path to certification with state boards, unions and professional trade organizations. Look for schools and courses with the proper credentials.

Why is an Accredited Institution Important?
An unrecognized degree, diploma or certificate may hinder your higher education goals; or worse, may have a detrimental effect on your career plans. Ensure that the program and institution you are interested in holds the all the proper accreditation and credentials from a recognized accrediting institution.

In fact, accreditation is so important, World Wide Learn only features accredited universities, colleges and schools. Find just the right program for you with the courses and schools listed here.