You can earn a general MBA degree, or choose a particular specialization depending on your strengths and career goals. Disciplines are available in technology, IT, human resources, administration, marketing, and accounting; all the aspects of a well-oiled business machine. All MBA degrees will ensure you have a comprehensive education in business. Whether you need to analyze statistical data to predict market trends, or project the profit and loss figures at your company's yearly meeting, your business school education will serve you well.

Your interest in finding an MBA program is well founded. In August 2005, Forbes Magazine printed an article surveying top business schools based on the average salary of MBA graduates. Five years after finishing their MBA program, graduates' yearly salaries had increased more than $100,000. That's quite a return on investment, regardless of the cost of your MBA tuition. Salary-boosting opportunities for managerial positions, travel, and advancement can all come on the heels of an online MBA.