Online Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

Innovation and flexibility are the secrets to success in today’s business marketplace–witness the phenomenal success of startups. The entrepreneurship MBA fosters the enterprising spirit and managerial autonomy that businesses rely on to stay competitive in this dynamic economy.

Entrepreneurship no longer refers specifically to the establishment of a new business–it is a generally applicable skill instrumental in any business’ continued development. One leading MBA program defines entrepreneurship as “the relentless pursuit of opportunity for the purpose of creating value.” The entrepreneurship MBA is therefore an asset both for business owners and for managers at established businesses that operate on an entrepreneurial model.

An MBA with an entrepreneurship specialization focuses on business administration strategies that encourage innovation and flexibility. Coursework covers business fundamentals from an entrepreneurial angle, including financing, organizational structure, strategy, entrepreneurial management, and more. In addition, specialized entrepreneurship classes focus on opportunity recognition, business plan development, and the entrepreneurial process.

Entrepreneurship MBA graduates are positioned for success in dynamic industries such as technology, media, and more. They also offer unique value to larger businesses transitioning to a more flexible business model. Salaries vary widely for entrepreneurship graduates, but entrepreneurship MBAs generally enjoy strong demand and compensation to match.

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