Guide to PhDs in Technology and IT

Technology is evolving at blinding speed. Computers have gone from house-sized to handheld, and gotten faster and more powerful along the way. Much like the technology itself, the field has grown and diversified.

Doctorate Degrees in Technology

With so, so much to learn and more being added all the time, being considered an expert in any of these fields is difficult. Earning a doctorate can help you get the education you need to hit that expert level and move up the career ladder. Check out the variety of fields and the doctorate degrees available in technology.

PhD, DCS, or DBA in Computer Science

There are three doctorate degrees in the field of computer science:

  • A PhD in Computer Science involves concentrated study and commitment. PhD candidates in computer science typically are involved in deep research and exploration of a single topic. The research usually spans six years. Attaining your PhD in Computer Science distinguishes you as a world class expert in your field of study.
  • A DCS or Doctor of Computer Science is a research doctorate degree. Individuals who earn this degree must do intensive research towards a final dissertation. The thesis may deal with computer theory or information systems management. Those who seek a DCS in Computer Science through a graduate program usually have a dual purpose in mind: to inform and to make practical use of their research.
  • A DBA or Doctor of Business Administration Computer Science is the study of computer technology in regards to solving problems in the business field. Research for a DBA in Computer Science may incorporate several disciplines related to systems management, software development, or network administration.

Each specific computer science doctorate degree program addresses varied aspects in the exploration of particular computer fields. Consider what your specific goals are as a doctoral student to fully understand the ramifications and amount of commitment necessary. Doctoral programs are available at graduate schools or through distance graduate education where you can earn your PhD online.

PhD in Information Systems Security

In today’s world the need for information security is essential in protecting individuals, businesses, and the government from destructive cyber-criminals that attempt to invade information systems in order to steal, corrupt, or sell sensitive data.

There are several advantages in earning your doctorate in information systems security:

  • A PhD in Information Systems Security may open opportunities to serve in Homeland Security by spearheading measures to protect the integrity of information of government computer systems and networks
  • A PhD in Information Systems Security can lead to career opportunities in the business and private sector by formulating strategies and systems procedures to stop hackers from illegal entry into computer databases and sensitive information
  • A doctorate degree in computer information security may lead to jobs at software development firms in devising commercial programs to aide in securing computers from security leaks and from compromising data integrity

Computers are used in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. This dependence on computers is essential in running businesses, storing personal data, and communications. Individuals who attain doctorates in information systems security can be on the forefront of protecting these valuable assets by managing computer security departments and programs.

DM or DCS in Information Systems

Doctorates in information systems are in two iterations: DM in Information Systems and the DCS in Information Systems.

  • DM–A Doctor of Management degree in Information Systems is geared towards individuals who want to concentrate on the administrative aspects of running information systems. Courses center on topics such as organizational analysis, design and management, and the theory of running an effective organization.
  • DCS–A DCS or Doctor of Computer Science in Information Systems is a research doctorate degree. Individuals who work towards their DCS write dissertations on information systems management. The resulting papers are usually geared towards practical application rather than pure theory.

Careers and Practical Uses of Your Doctorate in IS

Information systems are the lifeblood of data dispersal and retrieval. Businesses and organizations constantly seek better ways to store and manage crucial information in order to operate.

Earning your doctorate in information systems provides a level of expertise to qualify for high position jobs. Available information systems manager positions will be excellent from 2006-2016 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Doctoral degrees in information systems can be earned through various universities, colleges, and online PhD doctoral distance graduation education schools.

PhD in Information Technology

Information technology has literally exploded over the past five decades with the development of advanced computer networking systems, hardware, and storage mediums.

A PhD in Information Technology is highly valuable if you are seeking to advance your career or are interested in academic research. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it estimated that jobs in IT would double in the decade between 1998 and 2008. Others have concluded that this estimate was too conservative as the growing demand for IT professionals is high.

Different Venues to Earn Your PhD in Information Technology

Working professionals in the IT industry often work long hours and may need flexibility in scheduling for their continued education for their PhD in Information Technology. In addition to opting to take courses at a university, online doctorate degrees and distance graduate education may be a viable alternative for those who work full-time or need open scheduling for their classes.

DBA or PhD Computer Data Security

Hardly a month goes by without a headline in the news that reports a breach of computer information security due to a backdoor in a company’s database or a lack of proper firewall or password protection. Earning your PhD or DBA degree in Computer Security can qualify you for high level jobs in computer security.

Implement Security Measures and Head New Programs

A PhD in Computer Security can allow you to make policies and implement solutions at firms that need effective strategies in preventing data leaks, unauthorized access, and cyber-attacks to data. Many courses are available via online grad schools as well as traditional universities. The avenue you select for your continued education will depend on your available time commitment and needs.

PhD in Technology Management

Although the bottom line for businesses is profit, it also means managing available technology and enhancing existing technology to run commerce or operations in an effective and economical way. Individuals who earn their PhD in Technology Management can help companies, organizations, and the government shape and implement strategies to utilize technology efficiently.

Bringing Computer Systems and Software to the 21st Century

Your PhD in Technology Management can help industries to rethink how it uses available technology and whether these systems need to be upgraded. A PhD in Technology Management brings insight and solutions to these issues. As a doctoral student seeking your PhD in Technology Management, you will have the option to enter the campus setting for your degree or via doctorate online distance learning schools.

PhD in Technology Education

According to some experts, the whole of human knowledge doubles every five years. But as technology and inventions increase, this figure may be somewhat conservative. Educators need individuals who can communicate and teach the advances, uses, and ramifications of a civilization that is becoming more dependants on computers.

Earning your PhD in Technology Education can qualify you for positions in teaching, corporations, and organizations that need help in the area of educating staff, students, or the public.

Online Doctorate Degrees and Traditional Campus PhD Programs

PhD programs can be earned via distance doctorate degree courses. Online PhD programs offer working individuals a viable alternative in cases where attending traditional universities is not possible. For maximum flexibility, consider an online grad school. Both avenues of continued education are valid and are dependent on your personal career goals and needs. Be sure to do your homework and research a wide variety of programs before enrolling in a doctorate degree program.


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