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Looking for a degree that sets a new standard in your business education? Turn your research towards a doctorate degree in organizational management. A PhD in business in Organizational Management offers unparalleled focus and research opportunities.

Whether you aspire to teach at the post-secondary level or operate with confidence in the field as an executive or high-level consultant, a doctorate in organizational management offers the research and training you're looking for. This terminal degree gives you the resources and time you need to make a contribution to the field and boost your own potential for knowledge.

Match a Doctorate to Your Goals

You're considering a doctoral degree in business because you're looking for the highest level of education possible. At the doctorate level, there are still plenty of options. The specialized organizational management degree focuses on creating and managing an organization at the highest level.

The tools you learn in organizational management programs can be applied to non-profit business, government research, consulting, scholarship, and more. Here are a just few examples of coursework or research topics you might find in an organizational management doctoral program:

  • Organization Development and Change
  • Management of Innovation and Growth
  • Conflict Management and Mediation

Elements like human resources and employee skill development are studied in-depth in an organizational management doctoral degree, and students must create work that adds substantively to the field.

Specializations for Your PhD (or DBA) in Business

Let your career goals shape your specialization choice. Organizational management is just one possibility for focus within business degree programs. Consider a few other popular specializations for business doctoral candidates:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration & Management
  • Communications
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Entertainment

Most doctoral students in business come back to school after adding years of experience in their respective fields. Choosing a specialization like the ones above allows you to enhance that experience or to change directions in the course of your career.

Choosing Between a DBA and a PhD

While the DBA and PhD in Organizational Management have some differences, they are largely recognized as similar by educational bodies. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is considered by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be "equivalent in content and level" to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. Both degrees are terminal, fulfilling requirements that many colleges hold among their hiring guidelines for tenure-track professors.

As a general rule, PhD degrees are typically seen as academic, research-based degrees, while DBA and similar professional degrees prepare students to work in the field. In organizational management, a PhD might lead you to high-level research for a private or government entity, while the DBA could prepare you to work at a top-level of a consulting firm. Find your best direction by researching individual schools and degree requirements.

Earn Your Doctorate On Campus or Online

As with any degree program, it's important to know your options. Campus-based degree programs have the benefit of face-to-face interaction with your professors and peers. Online PhD programs in business and management give you the opportunity to complete a business degree without putting your life on hold. Both types of degree programs hold important similarities, namely:

  • Student levels of scholarship are held at a high standard
  • Candidates typically work alone during final research and dissertation years
  • Accreditation ensures that resulting degrees are considered equivalent

Ready to get started? The first step of researching campus-based and online PhD programs is to ensure that each school you're interested in holds accreditation from a respected third-party organization. Without this essential requirement, you could find yourself wasting time and money in a degree program that doesn't measure up to a higher standard.

Online Doctoral Program Accreditation

Considered quality inspectors for colleges and universities, accrediting boards are nationally recognized organizations that evaluate and regulate academic programs. If a school does not pass the standards of the accrediting body monitoring it, their accredited status is removed, and they are no longer allowed to link their name to the accrediting body. Accreditation affects a great deal of your educational process, including:

  • Your ability to receive financial aid from the government
  • Recognition by other schools and hiring managers
  • The overall value of your degree

Accreditation exists to give you confidence in your doctorate degree program. When researching your DBA or PhD in Organizational management, remember to pay close attention to the accreditation status of the program that interests you.

Benefits of Accreditation for Hiring Managers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) puts the situation in a way that should ring true with anyone in the business world: "If you're a hiring manager or human resources professional, chances are you review applications and resumes from people who want to work for your organization or who want to be promoted. Some applicants may list credentials ... that sound credible, but in fact, were not earned through a legitimate course of study at an accredited institution."

The FTC goes on to offer details on how hiring managers can spot "diploma mill" degrees, including contacting the school and researching the school online. Avoid the scenario where your degree is in question by educating yourself on accredited colleges and universities beforehand.

Take Advantage of Online Educational Resources

Your education is your future. Make an informed decision about your degree future, and complete your terminal degree with confidence. Take a look at the resources available on WorldWideLearn.com that can help you learn more about doctoral programs, both on-campus and online:

  • The Guide to College Majors offers in-depth information on degree programs in various disciplines along with career trends, job statistics, and degree specializations.
  • Education Resources includes information on graduate-level test preparation, accreditation, and an introduction to online learning.
  • See the Financial Aid section for a close look at public and private sources of financial aid, including military aid, federal student loans, and aid information for students outside the U.S..

The Best Resources for Business Majors

Start your search online for the best doctoral program in organizational management. Both online and on-campus options are represented in the helpful links below. Whether you're committed to a school and looking for financial aid, or you're just beginning to consider your options, the following sources can help:

  • U.S. News & World Report ranks the best business schools with updated statistics including tuition and total graduate business enrollment. Rankings are based on 426 surveyed MBA programs.
  • The U.S. News & World Report University Directory includes a listing of PhD programs in business. Narrow your search down by one of the fields listed, including accounting, project management, human resources, and more.
  • Visit the Federal Student Aid Web site to begin your free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). Federal grant and loan eligibility is determined through the site, which considers your income, family contribution, and other elements.

Choosing the Right On-Campus or Online PhD Program

Your school research begins by finding the organizational management degree programs that suit your career goals and interests. Once you've narrowed down a list of the best doctoral programs, it's time to center in on the college or university that will suit you best. Consider the following when narrowing down your options:

  • Ranking. A school with a high reputation and ranking will add to your credentials, but you may find yourself paying for the same education you could find for less elsewhere. Think about the importance of school ranking to your career goals.
  • Financial aid. Beyond federal and private grants and loans, individual schools typically offer financial aid to students in need. Determine what percentage of business students earn school scholarships or teaching stipends every year.
  • Faculty. High-ranking business schools often employ well-known professors that stand as innovators in their field. If you're not looking for a big name, consider faculty members that have personal experience or connections to your potential research.
  • Program history. A business school with a long history should have a track record of successful graduates. If you're considering a relatively new school, look for ways the program could be destined for future success.
  • Placement Statistics. Doctoral programs share numbers on how their students fare after graduation. Learn how many graduates find tenure-track positions after graduation, or find biographies on graduates who went on to become leaders in industry.
  • Environment. Your physical environment can greatly affect your success. For online programs, consider the availability of online resources such as tech support or online forums. If you're considering campus-based programs, research the library, software availability, and research facilities to suit your needs.

No two business schools are the same, and every PhD or DBA in organizational management offers slightly different elements. By putting focus into program research now, you're more likely to feel confident about the choice you make in your education.

Save Time and Research with Free Assistance

Feeling a little overwhelmed? The process of applying to a doctoral program in business can be a stressful one. Fortunately, individuals in the field help simplify the process. Contact these groups and individuals for help along the way:

  • Contact admissions counselors in individual schools. Business schools typically have organized packets that contain up-to-date information on resources, alumni, and more. Schools should be happy to send you this information for free.
  • Use WorldWideLearn.com to gather information in one easy step. Simply explore schools linked from the PhD in Management page to find programs that appeal to you. From there, fill out a form and let business schools contact you.
  • Talk to professionals in the business world and in academia about your specific goals. Individuals with prior experience in the educational process can offer you anecdotal information, tips, and details that helped them along their own degree path.

As a side note, you should never pay for business school advice, scholarship information, or other resources. The information you find online and through the sources above can all be obtained for free.

Finding the Organizational Management Community

Any business school graduate will tell you that connections are everything. The organizational management doctoral community includes journals, conferences, and other resources to keep you connected to your peers. Here are just a few resources for doctoral candidates, professors, and professionals within organizational management:

  • Journals: Journal of the Operational Research Society, the world's oldest established operational research journal. The Organization Management Journal, published since 2004 and boasting an active online community. OR Insight, the official journal of the OR society.
  • Professional Organizations: The OR Society, boasting members in 53 countries, offering training, conferences, and events. The Knowledge Management Professional Society, focusing on research and careers in the field of knowledge management.
  • Recent or Upcoming Conferences: Both academics and professionals attend and/or present industry-leading papers at conferences and similar gatherings.

Conferences and organizations like the ones above can be essential to your success as a doctoral student in organizational management. Whether you hope to enter a tenure-track position in academia after graduating, or to make connections and work as a consultant in the professional world, the relationships you forge during school can inspire a career full of business success.

Raise your earning potential and broaden your options with a PhD or DBA in Organizational Management. Use the resources above as a starting point for your research on the targeted business degree. With adequate research, you can confidently achieve your goal of attaining a terminal degree, the academic proof of your high achievement in business education.



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  • US News, University Directory

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