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Looking for your first degree or ready to further your education with an online graduate degree or certificate program? Here's where you can find online and distance learning programs at all education levels - from high school and Online College Courses / Professional Development to associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master's degrees, MBA programs and PhD programs.

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Online Doctorate Degree Programs

A Doctorate Degree is currently the highest degree in North America and is awarded on the demonstrated mastery of a subject and the ability to perform and present scholarly research. Find online PhD programs in psychology, human services, business administration, education, health sciences, leadership, and more.

Online MBA Degree Programs

Reputable and accredited universities and business schools listed at World Wide Learn provide several options for MBA degree programs. Choose from general business programs or specialize in a wide range of subject areas including international business, finance, marketing, operations, risk management, and more.

Online Master's Degree Programs

A Master's degree is a graduate program that involves specialized knowledge and concentrated study in one area and generally awarded for completion of a postgraduate course of one to two years in duration. Find online master's degree programs in business, criminal justice, health science, education, computer science, and more.

Online Bachelor Degree Programs

Also called 4 year degrees and undergraduate degrees, bachelor degree programs are awarded by 4 year colleges and universities and usually require 120 - 128 semester credit hours. Find online bachelor degree programs in design, retail management, nursing, management, technology, human resources, and more.

Online Associate Degree Programs

An Associate Degree is a type of undergraduate degree, requiring a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, and is widely accepted for transfer into bachelor's degree programs. Find online associate degree programs in business & management, communication arts, fire science, graphic design, computer programming, education, and more.

Online Certificate Programs

A certificate program is an educational credential awarded after completion of a preset curriculum; an organized program of study completed faster than a degree. Find online undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in criminal justice, financial planning, technology, psychology, health care, and more.

Online College Courses / Professional Development

Accredited colleges and universities offer a wide range of online courses for both credit and non-credit. Subject areas include business, human services, education, psychology, technology, and more.

Online High School Courses

Online high school courses and high school diploma programs offered by virtual high schools, universities and other accredited educational institutions in Canada and the United States.

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