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Courses & Degrees in Teaching Online

Teaching can be a highly rewarding and challenging profession for those who enjoy working with others, sharing new insights, and training the leaders of tomorrow. A license is usually mandatory for teaching jobs, and states have varied requirements. However, most states require public school teachers to:

  • hold a bachelor's degree
  • complete an approved teacher training course with the prescribed subjects
  • do supervised practice teaching

Generally, private schools are exempt from meeting state licensing standards, but they too prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree or higher in childhood education or in the subject to be taught.

An aspiring teacher generally must apply for admission to a teacher education program in the sophomore year of a four-year college degree program. The courses usually include subjects specific to teaching and interacting with children, as well as courses in philosophy of education, psychology of learning, and teaching methods.

Good teachers should not only know their subjects thoroughly. They also must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be able to motivate students, inspire confidence in them, and be up able to meet their educational and emotional needs. Teaching salaries vary by classroom age, location, expertise, and training, but the median income for K-12 educators in public schools is around $45,000 a year. Because demand will likely increase in the coming years, current salary ranges should go up.

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