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From Plato and Aristotle to John Dewey and Michel Foucault, philosophers analyze the way we live and question the world around us. A degree in philosophy provides career training by teaching students to practice logic, construct sound arguments, and think outside the box. Philosophy is closely tied to other disciplines, including science, religion, politics, and history, and it helps students develop the analytical skills that employers value.

Online Degrees in Philosophy

Philosophy is often classified in two branches--continental philosophy, based on the traditions of Greek and European philosophers, and analytical philosophy, which focuses on mathematics, logic, and theoretical physics. Two-year associate's degrees and four-year bachelor's degrees in philosophy generally touch on both branches and offer students an introduction to the principles of ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and epistomology.

If you want to focus on a specific topic within philosophy, a master's degree program can allow you to specialize on the area that interests you most. Common specializations for master's degree and PhD students in philosophy include modern social philosophy, ethics, existentialism, medical ethics, philosophy of language, and political philosophy. While a master's degree can usually be completed in two to three years, a PhD in philosophy takes at least four years to complete and is required to teach at the university level.

Even if you currently work full time, you can pursue a philosophy degree online without sacrificing your income. Online degrees in philosophy offer flexible classes and online course materials that allow you to continue your education on your own schedule.

Philosophy Career Paths

While few people have the job title "philosopher," the critical thinking associated with philosophy is an integral part of business, law, education, politics, and public policy careers. Like other college degree programs in humanities and liberal arts degrees, a degree in philosophy teaches you to think analytically and lays the groundwork for a variety of fields.

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