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An undergraduate or graduate degree in the humanities can provide a variety of career training options depending on your interests. Although it's possible to earn degrees in the humanities, which provides an overview of various disciplines, most students choose to focus on specific fields of interest such as:

  • Classical Studies: Ancient Greek and Roman visual and performing arts, literature, and culture
  • Language and Literature: Languages, classics, comparative literature, writing, and rhetoric
  • Linguistic Studies: Linguistics, translation, and interpretation
  • Philosophy and Ethics: Philosophical writing from ancient to contemporary time, philosophical disciplines, analysis and interpretation of arguments
  • Religious Studies: Pastoral ministry and counseling, history of religion, theology
  • Performing Arts: Theatre arts, music, performing and producing theatrical and musical shows, dramatic and musical theory, and music appreciation
  • Visual Arts: Studio art including painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography, as well as three dimensional art including sculpture and ceramics
  • Art History: If you enjoy art, but aren't an artist, a degree in art history can prepare you for teaching, overseeing and caring for collections, or working in or opening an art gallery

If you're an artist, formal studio training allows you to polish your skills. Additional studies in art history and theory can enhance and influence your creative processes and vision.

You Don't Have to Be a Starving Artist

An undergraduate degree in liberal arts contains a broad selection of humanities courses that provide a well-rounded initiation into arts, literature, and cultural phenomena throughout the world from ancient to contemporary times. If you haven't selected a career training path, studying the humanities can provide understanding and appreciation for great works throughout civilization. Studying the humanities can also introduce you to career options! A background in the humanities can lead to contemporary jobs in art direction, entertainment, multimedia, and design. Advancing technology and applications for visual arts create career opportunities to work on video games, the Internet, and broadcast media. Although you may have natural talent, many employers prefer some formal career training with a minimum of an associate's degree in fields like visual arts, communications, or computerized design.

Teaching Provides Gratification and a Steady Paycheck

If you're a writer, musician, or studio artist, you may need a steady paycheck while writing the great American novel or waiting for the next gig or gallery show. Teaching is a great way to spread your passion for what you do and motivate students to appreciate and practice the arts. Kindergarten through high school (K-12) teachers need bachelor's degrees, and may need to complete a supervised teaching internship as a condition of licensure. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that all 50 states and the District of Columbia require licensure of public school teachers. The median salary for K-12 teachers as of May 2006 ranges from $43,580 to $48,690. More than half of public K-12 teachers belong to unions. Post-secondary teaching jobs require graduate degrees, with tenured positions in four-year institutions typically requiring a PhD and additional professional credentials.

Online Degrees in Liberal Arts & Humanities

Online degree programs in humanities and liberal arts from accredited universities and colleges:

Classical Civilization, Greek, Latin And Roman Studies, Classical Studies
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Online Associate & Bachelor Degree Programs in Liberal Arts
Online Degree Programs in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Theology, Biblical Studies, Divinity, Ministry, Religious Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Religion

Online Degrees in Language Arts

Online degree programs in languages and language arts from accredited universities and colleges:

English, English Language and Literature
Online Certificate Programs in Languages & Translation

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