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There just cannot be enough role models for women seeking higher education. Only 1 out of 4 college students fits the old stereotype of 18-year-old, full-timers, living in the dorm. Today's students are balancing their quest for a degree with work and family. With such a big burden to carry, you may need a little inspiration. Here are the top 25 blogs on education, money, family, work--you know, that stuff that life is made of. Whether you're in a traditional campus degree program or pursuing online education, you're sure to find something here that speaks to you.

Education: Stay Up to Date on Scholarly Issues

1. Smart Girls Are Hot. Educated Nation may not sound like a scorcher, but it's definitely worth the read. Amid the humor lies solid advice on college and grad school, observations on gender and life (like the great post on Moms re-entering the workforce).

2. University Diaries. Reading Margaret Soltan makes you feel smarter. From behind the teacher's desk, her timely commentary hits on topics from plagiarism to the death of Nicholas Hughes.

3. Brainstorm. The Chronicle of Higher Education is an authoritative voice. Brainstorm touches on topics from the personal to political.

4. Wired Campus. Another Chronicle blog, this one focuses on technology. It should be considered required reading given the increasing prevalence of campus technology and online education.

5. Joanne Jacobs. This former columnist engages you in all things education and policy.

6. Mama PhD. This collection of witty women may be speaking from the prof's point of view, but their writing is relevant to anyone balancing babies and big ambitions.

College & Grad School: Getting Back to School

7. The Choice. Slogging through the college admissions process? Here are lighthearted posts comparing college visits to Hogwarts alongside serious discussions on the gender gap on college campuses.

8. Mommy on the Floor. This is a blog for any woman who's ever balanced working, motherhood, and graduate school.

9. July Dream. Travel, relationships, family, and business school. What life is really like trying to juggle it all.

10. This Is What An Engineer Looks Like. This blog is out to change the image (read: all male) of engineers and engineering degree programs. It's awash in feel-good inspirational videos and writing about what it's like to be an engineer.

11. Questions and Answers for Non-Traditional Students. Unlike a lot of blogs for non-traditional students (the "I passed my exam!" crowd), this blog offers concrete advice for those who've been away from campus for a few years.

12. Back 2 School Moms. Here's the blog for "non-trads" from the Mom point of view.

13. Never Too Late For College. Need a back to college pep talk? It's here, along with tips and insight on being an older student.

Money: From Weekly Budget to Federal Financial Aid

14. The Color Of Money. If you've never heard or read Michelle Singletary, you're in for a treat. Her amusing, insightful commentary and easy-to-follow (and understand!) advice should be required reading for every woman.

15. Poorer Than You. College students and young professionals open up about money matters.

16. Get Rich Slowly. You get straight talk about spending, saving, and staying out of debt.

17. The Financial Aid Blog. More straight talk about money sprinkled with tips for college success and campus news from around the country.

18. Scholarships.com. Click on the FAFSA tag for advice and information about federal student aid. A must read before you enroll.

Work: Career Advice for Women

19. Life After College. The ever-perky Jenny Blake gives great advice for anyone making the grand transition from college student to professional.

20. Higher Education and Career Blog. Categories span student life to the workplace. Some good posts target women's issues--especially in the career and work and family sections.

21. women & work. Morra Aarons-Mele is not afraid to tackle questions like whether America's paltry maternity leave policies actually help women in the workforce.

22. Mom Blog. Working Mother Magazine's Mom Blog--do I really need to say more? Good place to go for tips on the great balancing act of the modern mother.

Family: Keeping Things Balanced

23. Spilt Milk. No crying, just writing, says mom-blogger Diana Whitney. And, we applaud. It will conjure bittersweet memories if your kids are older. If you're slugging it out with a career and a toddler, you'll shout "Amen, sister!"

24. Notes From The Trenches. Always witty, Chris Jordan can occasionally toss in a real tearjerker of a post.

25. SouleMama. Amanda Blake Soule could not be more creative and more connected to the earth. Do attempt this (okay, some of this) at home.

Log on for an Online Education

There can be a lot of "noise" in the blog-o-sphere. But, if you know where to look, you can find a little inspiration and some good advice.