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Get a rare glimpse at the hottest degrees of 2011. Take a look at the numbers for who requested information on degree programs at the end of 2010, and see which training programs are expected to be the most popular in the coming year, with mean annual wages and other information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics unless otherwise noted.

10 degree programs for 2011

We looked at the numbers for the last quarter of 2010 to see which degrees are drawing the most interest from visitors like you. Check out what we found, and learn more about these trending degrees and related in-demand careers.

  1. Business administration, management and operations
         4,517 people requested information
         11 percent of total
    Ready to take charge? A bachelor's or master's degree in business administration plus relevant experience could prepare you for a career in sales management. Sales managers earned $111,570 in 2009, and the career is expected to see 15 percent growth between 2008-2018.

  2. Health and medical administrative services
         3,307 people requested information
         8 percent of total
    Blend a caring career with business training in this health care occupation. A master's degree is popular for many management administrative positions in health care. Medical and health services managers earned $90,970 in 2009, and the career is expected to see 16 percent growth between 2008-2018.

  3. Criminal justice and corrections
         2,745 people requested information
         7 percent of total
    Secure a growing career in the criminal justice industry. A bachelor's degree in criminal justice is considered standard training for probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, who earned $50,500 in 2009. The job is expected to grow 19 percent between 2008-2018.

  4. Allied health and medical assisting services
         2,463 people requested information
         6 percent of total
    Medical assistants are valued for their clinical and administrative knowledge. This health care career requires relatively little education; many health and medical assistants complete one- or two-year assisting programs before hire. Workers in the profession earned $29,450 annually and growth is expected at a whopping 34 percent between 2008-2018.

  5. Accounting and related services
         1,519 people requested information
         4 percent of total
    Use your facility with figures to help you find a satisfying career. A bachelor's or master's degree in accounting plus a CPA is common training for internal, government, management and public accountants. Workers in the profession earned $67,430 in 2009 and growth in the decade of 2008-2018 is projected at 22 percent.

  6. Teacher education and professional development
         1,399 people requested information
         3 percent of total
    Get the training you need to educate the next generation of minds. A bachelor's degree plus teacher training is considered adequate preparation for middle school teachers, who earned $53,550 in 2009. The career is expected to grow 15 percent between 2008-2018.

  7. Computer and information sciences
         1,355 people requested information
         3 percent of total
    High-tech training is key in today's economy. With a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field plus relevant experience, you could qualify for a career as a computer and information systems manager. Workers in the field earned $120,640 in 2009, and careers are expected to grow 17 percent between 2008-2018.

  8. Psychology
         1,198 people requested information
         3 percent of total
    A doctoral degree in psychology plus licensure is required for practicing psychologists, who earned $72,310 in 2009. Career growth of 12 percent is expected for all psychologists, with higher growth for industrial-organizational psychologists.

  9. Health services/allied health/health sciences
         1,029 people requested information
         3 percent of total
    Other popular health services training includes physical therapist assistant training, which can be completed in two years. Assistants earned $48,590 in 2009 and the career is expected to grow 33 percent between 2008-2018, making it another popular, growing career.

  10. Education
         1,008 people requested information
         3 percent of total
    Education is a large field, encompassing administrators, teachers and staff. With a master's degree in education administration plus experience, you could be qualified to work in education administration. Administrators in elementary schools earned $87,390 in 2009, and the career is expected to grow 9 percent between 2008-2018.

Diploma programs also popular among searches

What else are people looking for? High school and secondary diploma programs, for starters. Earning a high school diploma or secondary diploma may be your first step towards earning the degrees above. Round out your training, catch up with an educated generation of workers, and boost your resume and career potential with a degree program designed to compliment your skills and prepare you for a new year of career success.