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Picture this: at your high school reunion, you mention that you just finished up grad school. When someone asks what you studied, you casually say, "Oh, I got a master's in being totally MacGyver."

Talk about a conversation stopper.

10 "You Wish" College Degrees

These degrees might be mere fantasy, but their real-life equivalents could have you earning a healthy salary in a challenging career. Take a look at these 10 degrees we totally wish we could get.

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Being Totally MacGyver
    Real-Life Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

    Have you ever escaped a villain by fashioning a lariat out of rubber bands, paper clips, and old gas station receipts? Well, we haven't either, but if the idea appeals to you, it might be worth your while to check out the inventive potential of an engineering degree.

  2. Bachelor's Degree in Secret Agent Affairs with an Emphasis in 007
    Real-Life Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

    Use this crime-fighting degree to learn the tools of the trade, including laws, police procedures, and criminal psychology. After that, you'll only need to study the owner's manual for your submersible all-terrain spy vehicle.

  3. Master's Degree in the Next Big Thing
    Real-Life Degree: Master's of Business Administration (MBA)

    From Survivor to The Apprentice, superstar producer Mark Burnett comes up with a new golden idea every TV season. You'd have to go back in time to invent reality TV before him, but an MBA can always help you come up with the next big thing.

  4. Associate's Degree in Iron Cheffing
    Real-Life Degree: Culinary Arts Associate's Degree

    Get behind-the-scenes of the professional kitchen and improve your skills with a culinary arts degree. Who knows: you may someday face down Chef Morimoto over the Iron Chef secret ingredient.

  5. Bachelor's Degree in Tree Hugging
    Real-Life Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Forestry

    Like Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) in Parks & Recreation, you have a passion for the birds and the bees. With a forestry degree, you might find yourself enjoying a healthy salary as the head of a local parks department.

  6. Bachelor's Degree in Doing Your Civic Duty
    Real-Life Degree: Various

    Follow in the footsteps of your political heroes: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton majored in political science, Sarah Palin majored in journalism, and Mitt Romney earned his degree in English.

  7. Associate's Degree in Keeping the Doctors in Line
    Real-Life Degree: Doctorate in Nursing

    "Doctors diagnose. Nurses heal." It's one adage Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco) stands behind on the Showtime comedy of the same name. With a doctorate in nursing, you could find yourself healing and helping others as well. You may even get to boss the doctor around!

  8. Associate's Degree in Looking Sharp
    Real-Life Degree: Associate's Degree in Fashion Design

    Your personal fashion is always on-point. Help others see the light with a stylish degree that rewards your inventive nature and gives you the skills you need to make it in the fashion industry.

  9. Bachelor's Degree in Better Living Through Chemistry
    Real-Life Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

    Like Walter White in Breaking Bad, you could thrive in a career based around educating the next generation in the fundamentals of an essential science. Unlike Walter White, you could avoid secretly manufacturing methamphetamine to pay for your chemotherapy treatments.

  10. Bachelor's Degree in Courtside Seats
    Real-Life Degree: Various

    For basketball players in the NBA, earning a college degree might be a surprising priority. Vince Carter went back to school to earn his bachelor's degree in African American Studies. Kevin Durant, another player to return to school, agrees on the importance of an education. "To walk across the stage will be just as important as being drafted," he told The New York Times. "Maybe even more important because that lasts an entire lifetime."

Career Training for Real-Life Dream Jobs

While none of the degrees above can guarantee you top-secret spy work or land you in an Iron Chef's sights, they're all good preparation on the road to your own inspiring career. Consider the careers above as a way to challenge and inspire yourself to reach your own goals.