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Food and culinary blogs range from the personal (Grandma's favorite recipes) to the uber-professional (Chain Restaurant Managers Daily, anyone?). Personally, we like blogs that offer an arsenal of resources, from recipes to tips from pros to cooking degree programs to forums. Here's a roundup of 15 blogs that aspiring culinary professionals might be interested in checking out.

Cooking school blogs

If you're thinking about cooking school, these blogs are for you. Created by culinary schools and students, they offer an insider view unmatched by more mainstream food and restaurant sites.

  • Chef2Chef features recipes, celebrity chef gossip, food news, and "The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All," written by cooking school students who study on-campus or take advantage of online education opportunities.
  • Writers at Reluctant Gourmet blog about their culinary school experiences, share recipes, rate cookbooks, teach techniques, and voice opinions about things like stinky cheese or a board game called "Foodie Fight."
  • Food Vacation serves up an array of culinary school vacations around the US and worldwide. Bring home a new skill as your vacation souvenir or stay a while and complete a degree program.
  • Amuse Bouche (pronounced amuse boosh) is the brain child of culinary school grad Joan "Jo" Horner. Her Create-a-Cook school offers culinary classes for adults and kids. She covers books, lessons, and cooking toys, everything an aspiring mind wants to know.
  • Chef Talk offers "a food lover's link to professional chefs," and its "A Day In The Life Of An American Culinary Student" blog lets the large community of culinary students bounce their ideas and experiences off each other.

Restauranteur blogs

Restaurant blogs go even deeper into professional territory, covering everything from the ugly truths about starting your own restaurant (yes, a business degree program or a partner with an MBA might come in handy), to the hilarious mistakes of a new restauranteur who beat the odds and enjoyed success. If you're serious about combining the cooking with the corporate, get to know these bloggers.

  • Restaurant Marketing Blog addresses the problems pros face when trying to deal with the promotional aspects of restaurant ownership. The Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group's blog provides insight on great marketing ideas (and the horrible mistakes, which are more fun to read!).
  • The Restaurant Blog is AllBusiness.com's look at the restaurant industry. Blogger John Foley presents his experience and insight to help others avoid "the misadventures of one restaurateur and the lessons learned the hard way."
  • Eater National is a colorful compendium of the best of restaurant news, trends, deals, and funny reads like "How to Get a Restaurant to Name a Dish After You."
  • The Starting, Owning, and Marketing a Restaurant Blog covers everything from financing and construction to opening and management. It's a reality check for those considering entrepreneurship.
  • Food Service is more than a blog. It's a comprehensive site with everything a budding food professional could want: forums, chat, jobs, franchising, trends, business reports, and some interesting conversation. Get an idea of what your life will be like once you've completed your online education or campus-based culinary degree program.

Food worship blogs

Everyone loves food. And even if you're serious about food as your profession, you deserve a bit of recreation, too. These blogs combine humor, mouth-watering reviews and recipes, and pretty pictures. Bon appetite!

  • Winner of the 2010 Bloggie award for Most Humorous Blog, Cake Wrecks is a hilarious combination of pictures and commentary about what happens "when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong."
  • The Super Chef Blog is Food Network's contribution, and it covers celebrity chefs, amazing food, "food flicks," recipes from your faves, reviews, and you can probably determine which chefs are single if you look hard enough.
  • Noted author David Lebovitz's blog is witty and useful with lots of tips and recipes, and the pictures are like food centerfolds. FYI: Chervil is NOT a wimpy version of parsley. His FAQ page has all the secrets of the Paris food scene one could wish for.
  • Chez Pim is the popular creation of a former Silicon Valley slave who gave it all up to "eat.live.cook.write." And she did it very successfully, too, serving 142,000 regulars recipes, restaurant reviews, and authoritative food commentary. Her "Foodie Handbook" is required reading for anyone who cooks. Or eats.
  • If it isn't on the Serious Eats blog, you don't need it. The site's focus is on American foods (even lowly hot dogs), there are restaurant and gadget reviews, recipes, sexy full-color pictures, and food videos. Busy chefs will appreciate the easy recipe put up every afternoon to inspire that evening's dinner.

Loving food is a big part of American culture. So read these blogs and make your contribution. As Orson Welles so famously declaimed, "Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch."