Single moms: Do you hate wandering the Internet for hours on end to find what you need? Do you ever wish you could find a wealth of resources for single moms in one convenient place? Are you longing for a clean, streamlined set of bookmarks that tell you what you need to know?

Check out these 50 high-quality blogs, websites, forums and resources. There are recipes, musings, crafts, do-it-yourself home improvements, financial advice, inspirational tales, freebies and many more helpful things for single moms. Some are exclusively for single moms, while others are popular with all kinds of moms (and dads).

So without further ado and in no particular order, here is a list guaranteed to save your sanity:

The Pioneer Woman

Chock full of recipes, homeschooling advice, gardening tips and tales of life on the range, Ree Drummond's blog has spawned an empire that includes cookbooks and a smash Food Network show.

The Pepperrific Life

This blog is written by a woman trying to manage a world of "single Mom-ness." With posts on everything from that first broken heart to "Coping Strategies for the Pushover Parent," the voice is clear, fun and sensible.

Two Chicks and a Hen

A single momma with two little chicks under the age of five, this is a blog filled with musings on parenting, awesome ideas for projects to do with your kids and a ton of pictures that will make you smile.

Single Mama NYC

This single mom and freelance writer is raising her son in the heart of New York City. Her writings include musings on life, kids, visitation and other issues that will hit close to home for most single moms.

Three Little Birds

Written by an Alaskan mother of one who is in the difficult process of adopting a child from Ethiopia, this blog is heartwarming and sometimes gut-wrenching, but always inspirational.


A simple, straightforward website with tips and advice on how to file for divorce, walk the sometimes meandering way through the court system and keep your sanity throughout. There is also a list of resources for each state.

Legal Information Institute

This impressive service of Cornell University Law School has a wealth of information on everything legal. Need help understanding those custody papers? How about help finding a lawyer? This is the place.

Phone a Babysitter

If you're looking for a babysitter but can't afford the high prices some services charge to connect you with one, this site can help you find perfect care for your little one at a fraction of the cost.


This excellent resource offers over two million sitters who might be your perfect match. With background checks, references and very detailed profiles, finding the right person to take care of your little one is easier.

Sew Mama Sew!

The one-stop shop for everything fabric, sewing and creating. There is a shop to buy fabrics and accessories, a blog to share creations and a forum to talk about the process.

What the Craft

This site is loaded with ideas on every type of crafting imaginable, all of which you can make yourself. There are resources for selling your items, a forum for encouragement and much, much more.

The Mother Huddle

This helpful site has sewing tutorials, recipes, kids crafts and more. A new post every day serves as both instruction and inspiration for moms who want to try out something new.

Urban Organic Gardener

Gardens are not just for those out in the country. Learn how to grow veggies on your apartment balcony and plant flowers in containers around your townhouse. It's easier than you think.

Vegetable Gardening Guru

From building the right soil composition to the best harvest techniques, this site provides step-by-step advice for those who want to create an organic garden in their backyard.

Coupon Cabin

Looking for something to make up for the high cost of online shipping? Coupon Cabin offers discounts at both small shops and top retailers, and that helps your hard-earned cash go a little further.

Retail Me Not

A great spot to find all the best discount codes and coupons, the simple click-through setup allows you to go straight to your favorite online retailer and carry the code along with you.


Sign up for free, then click through this site to any online retailer. You earn money for every order you make. Plus, get a bonus with your first online purchase.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Want to get extreme with your savings? This site offers coupons, discounts and tips on how to make the most out of them.


Feeling overwhelmed? This personal task manager can help you organize. Best of all, you can carry it with you on your phone or laptop for instant access to your crazy schedule.

Gas Buddy

This website breaks gas prices down by state, county and city. This can be especially helpful for saving on gas during road trips.

Paperback Swap

This swapping service can give your old books a new home while allowing you to browse thousands of offerings for yourself. The swap is free -- all you pay is the cost of postage.

Mother Earth News

This modern spin on the classic Mother Earth News magazine has it all: Recipes, how-to guides, homeopathic remedies, discussions on the environment, homesteading help and more.


This ultimate recipe destination offers a heaping spoonful of easy recipes, how-to guides and a lively comments section on each article. From 30-minute meals to adventures that take hours, this is a great cooking site.

Real Simple

A spin-off of the popular magazine, this is where you can find everything from that recipe to recharge or that recipe for homemade salsa.

Grants for Single Mothers

Whether you want help funding online degree programs or need some help in getting Christmas gifts for your little ones, this website is a great starting point to find grants and programs that provide assistance.

Coloring Book Fun

Over 8,000 free coloring pages are yours for the printing. In addition, there is a cornucopia of links that take you to tips, tricks and funny stories about being a mom.

Outdoor Nature Child

Got cabin fever? These inspiring and educational ideas can help you and your kids explore the great outdoors in ways you might not have imagined before.

Ms. Single Mama

This single mom has fought her way through heartache and come out on the other side. If you're looking for some inspiration in the dating game, this is where to find it.

Single Parent Travel

A unique site that offers adventurous travel packages for single parents and their little ones, you can also click to plenty of tips, ideas and blog musings that make the site itself an adventure.


A blog full of high-quality posts on everything from relationships to child support, this gathering place for single moms and dads has plenty of inspiration and information.

Tasty Kitchen

This site offers new recipes every day, an interesting blog, and a very active community of cooks who love to pass along tips and tricks to make those new culinary adventures a success.

Living on a Dime

Frugal tips to save money and time are often at the top of a single mom's priority list. This site helps you stretch a dollar, cook for a crowd without breaking the budget, and get out of debt, one day at a time.

Southern Plate

If you're looking for tasty and easy recipes with a dash of down-home Southern goodness, Christy Jordan is serving it up. Here you will find for her book readings for kids and an active forum, too.

Hillbilly Housewife

For the ultimate in savings in the kitchen, this is the place. Recipes, frugal tips, budgeting help, an active newsletter list and musings on everyday life make this site unique.

Fly Lady

It all starts with the kitchen sink. This wildly popular method of clearing your home of clutter has worked for millions of moms, and it can be your fresh start to a new atmosphere.

A Year of Slow Cooking

The slow cooker is an almost magical device that gives you much more time to do other things. These slow cooker recipes -- at least one for every day of the year -- free up more time than you can imagine.

Pure Wow

This free newsletter explores everything from great beauty finds to unique gift ideas (who wants to make their own board game?). Occasional deals mean you can save big money, too.

Dave Ramsey

One of the strongest voices for financial good sense, Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University offer an opportunity to revamp your credit, save money for college and breathe a little easier on payday.

Untrained Housewife

This site is a haven of everything from canning your vegetables to improving your home. Single moms can find plenty of help with menu planning, emergency preparedness, pets, parenting and much more.

Your Single Parenting

Single parents who need help or support with health care, finances, dating, child care, education and more can find a wealth of resources here.


This free membership site connects you with others in your area who have something to trade or give away. From clothes for the kids to a new vacuum, Freecycle can help you keep costs down.


Whether you are trying to buy your own home, find online classes for college or just keep food on the table, this site can launch you into a wide variety of assistance programs, including a breakdown by state.


This discount site offers one deal every day. Kids Woot often has great items for the little ones at rock-bottom prices. If you're looking to stock up on Christmas or birthday gifts, this is the place.


This site is updated on a daily basis with cool finds from all over the Internet, including discounts on magazines, food, cleaning products and more.

Hey, It's Free!

Not just another freebie site, this one is updated quite often by an owner with a fun, tongue-in-cheek writing style. Come for the freebies, stay for the musings.

Hot Mess Mom

She might not be a single mom, but she is a hilarious one. Sometimes you need a break and a chance to laugh. When that time comes, this is a priceless resource that will leave you in stitches.

Financial Help for Single Mothers

This site focuses on grants, scholarships and other financial help for single moms. From earning your GED to online degree programs, this site can help you find the funds you need.

Parents Without Partners

This resource for the single parent offers the opportunity to become a member and meet with other single parents in your area.

The Sneaky Chef

Do you worry that your kids don't get enough veggies in their meals? The Sneaky Chef offers dozens of recipes to make sure that the little ones get the nutrition they need without the dinner meltdowns.


Single moms who are worried about housing might find some comfort in this site, which matches members who might be able to share an apartment or home in order to save on living expenses.

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