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Sexy career cred can come from many of a job's attributes. Careers can be traditional-sexy, creative-sexy, independent-sexy, nurturing-sexy, or money-power-sexy. Any of these will have you surrounded at parties when the "what do you do" question comes up, get you free drinks in bars or make dating a piece of cake.

Today's traditional-sexy jobs

What did you wish you could be when you grew up? Chances are it was a pretty traditional job. Male examples include macho occupations like fire fighting, law enforcement and flying. The female equivalents are actresses, nurses and dancers. These careers are dripping with traditional-sexy allure -- just look at how many calendars you see with half-naked fire fighters and barely clothed dancers.

Today's traditionally sexy jobs aren't for one gender or another. For example, both men and women race and test drive cars. However, it takes a lot more than a lead foot to land a cool gig like that. Required education ranges from auto mechanic classes to certification courses to master's degrees in engineering. These can be earned at schools across the country, both on-campus and through online education; yes, most of today's racers are geeks. Sexy geeks.

Another traditionally sexy job is that of athletic trainer. Athletic trainers aren't just the biggest muscles in the gym; they have to exercise their brains, too. According to the National Athletic Trainers' Association, almost 70 percent of athletic trainers have a master's degree or higher.

Today's creative-sexy jobs

 Next, there is creative-sexy, with its bohemian work-all-night-sleep-all-day mystique. Writers, artists, musicians, journalists and designers are just some of the choices of those attracted to this sort of work -- you won't find these folks in the mail room!

Today's creative folks still love their right brains, but technology has entered the picture in a big way. Video game design is a creative-sexy job favored by sharp young people. Game designers use their artistic bent to create graphical and animated components of games. Video game designers often have a degree in art or graphic design as well as computer skills. Those who program the game need a computer science or computer engineering background and loads of expertise in writing software code.

Another creative-sexy job is journalism. Only now, you are at least as likely to do it online as your are in print. Online Journalism Review proclaims, "This is the most transformative era in media since at least the birth of television." With the demand wide open for those with the right career training, and the field still in its infancy, "some group of journalists working today -- or perhaps still enrolled in school -- will be recognized as the pioneers in the field."

Today's independent-sexy jobs

Independent-sexy means being your own boss. Independent-sexy types have been celebrated for decades, from Wozniak and Jobs to cookie maven Debbie Fields. They take their own risks -- and take them again.

Independent-sexy can be anything but the bottom line is that you are the boss! Get a degree online or on-campus in entrepreneurship. It might be the best career move you make. Then let your skills and business savvy take you far. Some sexy businesses today include interior design, probably because television has made stars of interior and clothing designers and green technology (great if you want to hit on vegetarians).  

Other sexy businesses include microbrewing (combine food science with business), creating and selling apps, and cutting-edge non-profits like Sophia Bush's feedprojects.org, which works with organizations like UNICEF and Millennial Villages to fund anti-hunger programs worldwide.

Today's nurturing-sexy jobs

Yes, health care is a big industry, but it can also be sexy. According to one sexy jobs survey, an astounding number of folks wrote in "physical therapist" when it wasn't listed on the choices for voting. And nurse, which was listed, was a vote-getter as well. These jobs offer other advantages in addition to being sexy. They are high-demand professions in a high-growth industry and they also pay well. Other sexy health care professionals include massage therapists and of course doctors.

Another advantage of these professions is that schools that prepare you for health-care-related careers abound, and you can get a foot in the door with a certificate or diploma program. Opt to get a degree online or on-campus in nursing or one of many health-care-related specialties. Or you can choose intensive long-term career training for jobs like doctor, dentist, or veterinarian.

Today's money-power-sexy jobs

These jobs are classics. Money and power never go out of style, and corner offices are still primo real estate. What does it take to be a CEO? According to business author Jeffrey Fox, the best degrees for those with aspirations are business or finance degrees and MBAs or JDs. However, "any degree is better than no degree." Mr. Fox, incidentally, has an MBA and a bachelor's degree in physics. And finance isn't the only way to succeed -- some CEOs come from the human resources, marketing and legal departments.

Whatever your talents, you can have a sexy job if you choose. The flip side of that is that you don't need a sexy job to be sexy if you are happy and confident in your work.