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The blogosphere provides a foundation for everyday nurses to weigh in on their areas of expertise and muse about their careers and lives. Whether you're currently a nurse or looking into getting your online education in nursing, these blogs can point you in the right direction. Visit these 15 hand-selected nurse blogs to laugh, cry, learn, and fall back in love with the nursing profession.

15 Blogs for Nurses and Nursing Students

  1. Change of Shift This is a bi-weekly edited compilation of some of the best blogs by nurses, other members of the health care team, and even patients discussing nurse-related stories and issues. Medical bloggers across the Internet take turns "hosting" and provide their own commentary.
  2. The Millionaire Nurse This blog offers insight and advice on personal finance for nurses. A recent post included valuable information on student loan forgiveness for some nurses.
  3. EmergiBlog The life and times of an ER nurse, Kim McAllister. She's been a nurse since 1978, but recently returned to school to receive her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN). Of her decision to become a nurse, she writes, "I made the decision to be a nurse back in 1966 at the age of nine, having received 'Cherry Ames, Student Nurse' from my great-grandmother for my birthday. Thinking back, it could have been worse. I could have received something like 'Itchy Smith, Flea Detective' and my life would have taken a totally different route!"
  4. All Nurses A multitude of nurses contribute to this site exploring topics ranging from termination procedures to degree programs to what happens when the nurse becomes the patient. You'll find funny anecdotes, thought provoking discussions, and incredibly useful information on this blog.
  5. Off the Charts Using a strong and professional writing style, nurses deliver articles such as "They Call Us Doctor, and We Call Them By Their Names" and "Bullying Among Nurses"--Sad reminder that we might be our own worst enemy.
  6. Florencedotcom Yes, this blog is named after the alpha nurse herself, Florence Nightingale. It offers valuable insight and discussions on patient safety.
  7. Nurse Ratched's Place Named after the infamous Nurse Ratched in the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," this blog offers fascinating true stories from the nursing world--with names and some details changed, of course. This blog also seems to be following the health care reform debate on a fairly regular basis.
  8. Nursing Power! This nurse blogger has updated the Florence Nightingale pledge to better reflect where nursing practice is today--and it's right on. You'll also find musings on nurse-themed TV shows like Showtime's "Nurse Jackie," and "Mercy" on NBC.
  9. Reality Rounds Focused mainly on women's and infant health issues, parenthood, and feminism, this blog serves to bring the "reality" to health topics as they relate to everyday life. One recent blog post was titled, "Thirsty during labor? Just be quiet and suck on a wet washcloth."
  10. Dear Nurses Excellent, fun, funny, useful cartoons and videos for nurses, educators and students to improve clinical skills.
  11. Impacted Nurse A voice from Down Under with twenty-six years of emergency room experience. Crazy, relevant, and makes you laugh and feel proud to be a nurse.
  12. Travel Nursing Blogs Tons of tips and quality info on getting what you want out of nursing. Features include travel nursing career advice, travel nursing life, travel nursing jobs available, and "ask a travel nurse."
  13. Oncolog-e_Nurse_Talk Emphasis on oncology nursing and providing excellent care for cancer patients. The writer of this blog is an oncology nurse was a recipient of the Compassionate Care Award in the cancer program at NMH in 2006.
  14. Nurse Zone Well-written, substantive topics based on the writers nursing background and feedback solicited from nurse readers. Site also provides info on career development, on line education and degree programs.
  15. Scrubs Magazine This online magazine offers several nursing blogs, including a blog by a "seasoned" nurse, a blog by a student nurse, a blog by a male nurse, and a blog by a new nurse. Bloggers offer practical advice such as "The best hand moisturizers for nurses," and vital information such as "Unorthodox ways to improve triage."

Calling all nurses! Blogs are a great way for nurses and nursing students to communicate and come together to share what has made a difference in their nursing career and lives outside of work. Find a nursing degree program that's right for you; get advice from seasoned professionals; and put that healing touch to work.