Before you make a start in any career, you'll want to decide if the occupation is for you. You'll quickly discover that the world of massage is much more than just 60 to 90 minutes of time spent with clients -- there are, quite simply, a multitude of aspects related to business and therapy, as well as unimaginable time devoted to fitted sheet folding!

Becoming a massage therapist could be a solid career choice, too. Employment opportunities are expected to grow 20 percent, 2010-2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, the field does not require a significant amount of postsecondary education -- typically about 500 hours of study, according to the BLS -- which means you could make a fairly quick start. Regulations do vary by state. Online college courses could be hard to find for this occupation since the training is so hands-on, but you could find options for completing some of your basic coursework or perhaps for continuing education classes online. Now, onto these great blogs!

10 Massage Blogs

Art of Thai Massage This blog looks at the inspiration and spiritual influences behind Thai Massage, a modality (or type) of massage that was developed by Buddhist monks. Want to see exactly what this type of massage looks like? Check it out at a recent video post on the site. On this blog, you'll help discover thoughts about that alternative mind -- or the "Abdominal brain" as the writer calls it -- and considers as the true home to emotions and feelings. The blogger also give plenty of ink to writing about those Sen energy lines, or the long string-ish energy lines, that Thai practitioners believe run through the body.

Erik Dalton Bodywork Training You guessed it! This blog, written by Erik Dalton, looks to provide readers with effective pain-management strategies to help with bodywork, or at least as indicated by the site. Dalton's approach is scientifically based and that includes when writing about everything from tight muscles to how high heels can damage alignment. His use of graphics and images throughout elucidates his posts, making this blog visually educational for massage therapists or anyone who just happens to love massage or body healing.

Fingertips On this blog, you'll find tips, pointers and information on improved health and wellness, according to this site's homepage. Written by a former massage therapist -- now a practicing physical therapist -- the author makes feature-article type posts such as "A Mathematical Formula for Explaining Obesity," "Let Food Be Your Medicine," and "Pet Ownership Good For Your Health?"

Globe University This school, which offers a plethora of information from online college courses to on-ground diploma programs (like in massage), features a number of posts made by the school's network dean of massage therapy Maria Leonard. She touches on a number of important topics including the value of teaching professionalism in massage school, such as communicating effectively, using correct grammar and showing up on time. This all seems par for the course, but apparently Leonard has seen it all and as a result is a strong advocate for its teaching.

Massage & Bloggywork Ivy Hultquist, the licensed massage therapist behind this blog, truly covers all-things massage. Yes, that includes how much she likes no-sew fleece facerest covers, but also how she started a massage therapy business at a young age, and even what she thinks about massage therapy ever being billable through health insurance. Her approach is every-day like and makes you think she's right there in a massage room with you. If only you were getting a real massage ...

MassageGeek This writer behind this blog broaches the many travails of the field, including the frustration of finding the best online scheduling program to book massage clientele. With a wide number of options out there, it's hard to choose what's best and MassageGeek writes about this over several blog posts. Other recent posts are called: "Do It For Your Neighbor's Counsin's Girlfriend," and "Bumpy Arms" -- now if that doesn't have you curious, there are still many other blogs to read.

Massage Therapy World Here's a new approach to the field of massage therapy -- how Pinterest can accentuate your marketing techniques and all the reasons why. That's just one post that readers can find on this site and one that is in fact written by a guest blogger. Most of the posts are written by Kelli Wise, a massage therapist now, but formerly an electrical engineering and engineering manager. Her blog, actually subtitled "The Tools You Need To Build the Practice of Your Dreams," substantially quantifies what readers will find on her site.

National Holistic Institute Blog Readers can discover more about massage therapy, massage therapy schools and massage techniques on this site, managed by the National Holistic Institute, a school of massage therapy based out of Emeryville, Calif. Read about the achievements of current students or understand the importance of grounding yourself before a massage session. Isn't this May 31, 2012 post just a Zen thought: "To become grounded is to let go of the stresses of life and to be present in the moment with the client."

The Body Worker Blogger Julie Onofrio covers a number of interesting topics in her massage posts, including the basic strokes behind Swedish massage, whether or not to bill insurance for massages, and what to look for when considering massage school. One of her more intriguing posts, however, is "Things They Never Tell You About Being a Massage Therapist." She indicates that that you will do a lot of laundry and that you'll never quite figure out the correct way to fold a fitted sheet.

The Massage Pundit In this blog, Laura Allen, a nationally-certified massage therapist, talks about the "politics" of massage. Her blogs focus on potential policy, the direction of the profession, massage organization meetings and more. Readers can look back to posts dating to November 2007, search by categories (think ethics, marketing, massage associations) or even discover more about her books: "One Year to a Successful Massage Therapy Practice" and "Plain and Simple Guide to Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Examinations," also available in e-book.

Are you relaxed, yet?

As these blogs indicate, there are many things to consider when it comes to pursuing a massage career - be that choosing a modality, having the right kind of education, or even accentuating your classes with business and marketing coursework. Of course, these are just a few of the many blogs out there and hopefully you have found a bit of inspiration to set you on your way -- whether that's pursuing a massage therapy career or just going out and signing up for your next massage.