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Are you interested in health care? Think you might seek out online education and a degree program to prepare you for that health care career you have always wanted? Great! In the meantime, stay informed with the top 25 health education blogs. They will keep you up-to-date on the latest news, trends, events, and more.

Health Care: The Top 25 Health Education Blogs

  1. Six Until Me. She has Type 1 diabetes--and she also has a ton of information how to lead an active, fulfilling life while still controlling your blood sugar. Win-win!
  2. Mark's Daily Apple. You know what they say about keeping the doctor away. This blog is packed with useful information, reviews, health tips, and things you didn't know, but wish you had.
  3. ER Stories. A fun blog loaded with real-life stories, health information, and the occasional interesting x-ray, it's a nice departure from a stressful day.
  4. Buckeye Surgeon. Ever wondered what the life of a surgeon is really like? This blog gives you a very good idea.
  5. Better Health. Written by a panel of experts, this blog dissects current medical issues, offers tips on what to believe and what to avoid, and has a tone of assurance that leaves little doubt of the professionalism here.
  6. Respiratory Therapy Cave. Chock-full of fantastic medical information, delivered with a healthy dash of wit, this blog is enjoyable and informative.
  7. Emergiblog. With a sharp wit and friendly tone, this blog offers an inside look into the life of an ER nurse. After reading through this blog, you will want to give the closest ER nurse a big hug and "thank you."
  8. Teen Health 411. Written for teens and parents by an expert in adolescent health, this blog covers everything from serious medicine to social issues of the day.
  9. Musings of a Dinosaur. Written by a physician in private family practice, this blog contains not only great insight into what your doctor really thinks, but offers plenty of engaging personal tidbits as well.
  10. Women's Health News. Packed with information every woman needs to know, this blog offers not only the most current "need to know" goodies, but has quick links to useful health information on many subjects.
  11. The Angry Pharmacist. A sharp, spot-on blog that pulls no punches, the writer tackles everything that is wrong--and right--about the health care system.
  12. In Sickness and in Health. A unique resource for couples dealing with chronic illness, this blog has a very approachable, understanding tone that makes it an engaging read.
  13. Health Skills. An in-depth look at the issues surrounding pain management, this blog puts medical reports into layman's terms, so everyone can understand.
  14. Diabetes Mine. Called a "goldmine of straight talk and encouragement," Diabetes Mine includes over five years of articles and information, covering every aspect of diabetes.
  15. White Coat Underground. Loaded with current information, links, and a healthy comments section, this blog is a must for understanding today's medicine.
  16. Respiratory Therapy 101: Just Keep Breathing. Written by a seasoned respiratory therapist, these "stories from the trenches" are sometimes serious, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.
  17. New York Times Health and Wellness Blog. Filled with precise, newsworthy information, this blog covers everything new in the world of medicine.
  18. The Dermatology Blog. Everything you ever needed to know about skin care is here in this interesting, informative blog.
  19. Scarleteen. Billed as "Sex Ed for the Real World," Scarleteen has a long tradition of offering straight sex talk that answers all the questions with an open, honest attitude.
  20. Movin' Meat. An engaging blog about both the funny moments and the serious, written by an ER physician.
  21. WhiteCoat's Call Room. Filled with the musings of an emergency-room physician, this blog combines a healthy sense of humor with real-world situations that will make you appreciate your doctor even more.
  22. Pallimed. This blog deals with the sometimes dark subject of palliative and hospice care with a kind and understanding tone, as well as loads of clear information.
  23. Running a Hospital. If you're interested in how health care administration works, this is the blog for you.
  24. Terra Sigillata. An exceptional, clear, and concise breakdown of today's most pressing medical issues, from the perspective of a cancer researcher.
  25. Blog for a Cure. A clearinghouse of personal blogs written by those battling cancer--some somber, some light, all vividly real.

While you pursue your health care degree program with a great online education, take the time to peruse these blogs on a regular basis. You will be glad you did.