Computer repair blogs may not be the sexist of all content to read, but they do provide some hands-down useful information when it comes to fixing your own computer or garnering enough information to assess whether you have a problem and need to call an expert in. The 10 comprehensive computer repair blogs listed here may also inadvertently provide insight into what it's like to operate your own computer repair business, such as the types of products that you might be repairing and time spent on the job. You'll also discover what some employees at these places do to relax (check out the Mission Repair blog, for example), and what it means to truly have computer repair as a first love.

10 Essential Computer Repair Advice Blogs

Arlington Virginia Computer Repair Blog This blog is the place to explore info on general computer repair, data recovery, malware and more. Whether you are looking for personal computer repair tips or ones that can benefit a small business, you'll find them here at this updated site. Note: this is the place to go if you're also looking for fire disaster preparedness tips for a small business owner.

Computer Repair Blog Hear it from a business owner: the benefits of belonging to the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners, now over 3,000 members strong, include networking, member discounts, and opportunities to expand your client base. This blog is also full of technical tips to help provide a smoother ride to business success and also offers suggestions for keeping your computer up-to-date. In this case: 1) Keep you computer free of spam files 2) Have a good defrag program and 3) Install an antivirus program.

ComputerWorld Readers will find a variety of technology news and information through the posts on this site. Don't just hear the latest from one contributor: you'll find a variety of opinions and approaches through the slew of contributors who post daily to the site. Whether you seek information about Samsung's Galaxy tablet or the Windows 8 Surface Pro, you'll find the information and topics you need to stay informed through this ComputerWorld blog.

Computer Weekly Could apprenticeships help fill in the gaps when it comes to shortages of needed IT professionals? Read more about this on the Computer Weekly blog and find out exactly how many of the polled IT Professionals think that apprenticeships could be an answer (nearly half!) This Computer Weekly blog offers everything from opinions and insight to news stories and technical details related to cloud storage, e-accountancy and more.

Geekchoice This site, updated on a daily basis, gives readers the inside view into the computer realm. You'll find posts about discounts for Apple employees, the potential price points of new products, new Internet speeds for customer's of Verizon's Fioz, and more. The blog is easy on the eyes with its blue boxes that guide you to click if you are interested in commenting or sharing.

Mike's Computer Repair Blog Computer repairman Mike tackles a number of issues in his computer blog such as the failure of Avast to update and the need to contact Mike immediately because your antivirus program is not working. He also touches on free windows updates that are available, free antivirus program updates and updates to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Mission Repair Whether it's to fix iPads or iPhones or any type of machine in between, Mission Repair is on a mission to provide the best repair service in the nation. The company is open seven days a week (except of the 4th Of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, according to its blog), and readers can discover more about the demand for repair services by reading updates on the workload. Readers can also find out about the new products that are being serviced at Mission Repair whether that's the Glass/Digitizer Replacement Service for the White HTC Vivid or the Front Glass Screen Repair for the LG Double Play. Could provide great ideas for running your own company!

Nerds on Call Computer Repair This blog is regularly updated and let's readers easily decide what topics they want to click on to read more about. Whether it's learning more about the malware DNSChanger to the basics about data backup, you're likely to find something useful at Nerds on Call. Its easy-on-the-eyes design also makes it a fun blog to navigate through.

Support Nerds You know you've headed in the right direction with a blog name like this! Support nerds tackle everything from System Tool, a rogue malware virus, to the HDD Diagnostic Tool virus and what to look for to identify whether you might have these or any other type of computer virus. They provide a ton of information that is easy enough for the novice to understand but interesting enough for the advanced.

Technibble This blog address many of the challenges specific to operating a computer repair business, including how to charge customers for travel time for jobs. Options, discussed in detail, include flat travel rates by the hour, charging by the mile as well as having staggered travel fees. Readers will find other interesting blog posts such as how to offer managed services or even how to become a writer for Technibble.

Interested in a repair career?

These blogs could have your entrepreneurship bees all a-buzzing. If running your own computer repair business seems like a goal for you, consider how online computer training courses or computer repair training could be right for you. You can actually look for suggestions for training on these blogs or look online for more ideas on entering computer repair.