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There's no shortage of business blogs--or, for that matter, blogs of any sort. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern which blogs are giving out useful advice and which are just promoting or selling something. If you are considering a career in business or attending business school, some blogs can be useful in this quest. This list of business blogs is for your education in business--not for corporate promotion.


1. Institute for Truth and Accounting From the Institute for Truth and Accounting, this is a blog on transparency in that field--and we could sure use that.

Corporate Social Responsibility

2. Corporate Social Responsibility This blog from Bloomberg Business Exchange (beta version) addresses CSR with posts about issues such as sustainability, service, and community involvement.

Engineering & Design

3. Fast Company This topic area of Fast Company's blog monitors engineering and product design.


4. Free Exchange You'll find discussions of the policies that shape the world economy in this column from the Economist, the expert in the field.

5. The Wall Street Journal--Economics Blog This blog from the Wall Street Journal looks at economics from many angles - political, financial, industrial, et al.

Economics & Finance

6. Floyd Norris: Notions on High and Low Finance This blog/column on finance and economics comes from the chief financial correspondent for the New York Times and The International Herald Tribune.


7. You're the Boss If you're your own boss-or if you'd like to be, take a look at the New York Times Small Business Blog. Several writers contribute to this New York Times blog addressing the management of small business.


8. Buttonwood's Notebook The Economist's finance expert writes this series with a broad definition of financial markets accommodating issues from economic policy and executive compensation.

9. Money Central You'll find that this blog from the Times of London covers many areas of finance, from how to deal with tenants living in your rental property who are growing marijuana to a list of the top-ten emerging markets.

10. Forbes Street Talk From habitual and compulsive list-maker Forbes, this blog explores every aspect of finance from expert sources.

11. Wall Street Journal's Market Beat Wall Street Journal staff demystifies (or attempt to, anyway) the intricacies of Wall Street for you in this blog.

Global Economics

12. Globalization Does your interest lie in the global economy? This blog, on Bloomberg beta Business Exchange, discusses the myriad issues around globalization.

Business Management & Leadership

13. Management Today Editor's Blog This blog offers Management Times editor Matthew Gwyther's musings on the burning business issues of the day. In his blog you'll read about many management issues, including news overlooked by more general columns.

14. Harvard Business IdeaCast This is an audio blog from Harvard Business Review, offering weekly podcasts on management theory and practice.

15. managementblog The authors of the blog are the management writers at the Financial Times; their work is a combination of management news and theory.


16. Marketing Today This column from Marketing Today gives you updates and opinions on B-to-B and online marketing. A recent thought-provoking post declared, "Marketing 1.0 Skill Sets Are Not Sufficient in a Web 2.0 World."

Personal Investing

17. Money Builder Forbes magazine produces this blog for your personal finance concerns, addressing everything from Haitian earthquake funds to stat-driven reports.

18. More Money This blog, from Money and CNN, offers comprehensive discussions of the various aspects of personal finance--banking, credit, retirement, et al.

19. Stocks to Watch Today You'll find this page from Barron's a source for material for the private investor--use it to scan stocks that deserve your attention or at least merit a second look.

Money & Politics

20. crookblog This series of posts monitors the political face of the economy from the DC correspondent for the Financial Times.

21. Money and Politics This blog from Business Week examines the crucial intersect between business and government.


22. Harvard Business Review--Research A senior associate editor of Harvard Business Review has just created this promising blog with "new and in-progress data."

Social Marketing

23. On Social Marketing and Social Change An expert in the field of social marketing (blogs, Twitter, etc.) writes this blog explaining social marketing for you--and analyzing its current applications.


24. Blogspotting The authors of this Business Week blog follow technology and its effect on you, on business, and on the wider society.

Technology & Environment

25. Green Wombat This Fortune column explores a wide range of topics from thermal power plants in Mongolia to smart water meters in the U.S.

As a participatory form, blogs invite your contribution. Don't hesitate to comment on anything you read in these columns. After all, the point of social media is not merely to convey information, but to initiate discussion. You could also receive valuable insight and information as you work towards a business degree.