If you're thinking of attending law school, where do you start? A good place might be law school websites. These sites can give you a valuable look inside the school along with practical information including admissions and financial aid. Even if you're not interested in law school, you may still find the stories on faculty, current events and alumni fascinating. Who knows? After exploring a few of these law school websites, you might become inspired and decide to consider law school in the future.

  • Australian National University College of Law, Canberra, Australia. For those who've ever thought of studying law Down Under, this site offers comprehensive information on visiting the campus, including life in Canberra, lodging, visas and more. ANU puts great emphasis on research and the site offers an entire section devoted to this.
  • Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. This site offers a direct link to the Law School Admission Council admission application, which CM Law and other law schools use. The site also offers information on the Forever Buckeye Ohio Residency for Ohio High School Graduates program. Under the initiative, Ohio high school graduates, even those who have left the state and moved elsewhere, are entitled to pay in-state tuition at the law school.
  • Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa. This site is student and potential-student focused, offering internship information, student testimonials and Drake law student news. A special section on student life offers in-depth information on student demographics along with information on Des Moines, student organizations and even the fact that the Drake Law Library offers free coffee during final exams.
  • Gould School of Law, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Calif. This clean, easy-to-navigate site offers news, events and more. A special tool allows visitors to click on revolving portraits of professors and students and learn more about their experiences at the school and their philosophies and backgrounds. There is also information on events, upcoming workshops, students organizations and alumni news. The school continues to nurture and support grads with continuing legal education in specialty topics.
  • Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, Mass. Sections titled "Passion," "Experience" and "Justice" tell the tale of what this school is all about and what it can offer to students considering law school. Several students contribute to the website's blog, giving potential students a good idea of what they have to look forward to at law school.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. This school is proud of its faculty, as evidenced by the "faculty notes" section on the site. Aside from teaching law, this illustrious group has speaking engagements all over the world, publishes papers and policy briefs, and receives prestigious appointments. Get to know the faculty of this law school and find out where you can hear them speak.
  • Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore. SMU offers several programs, including the SMU School of Law. The school has a diverse student body, and visitors to the site can learn more about some of the students and why they chose SMU.
  • S.J. Quinney College of Law, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Visitors to this site can watch live broadcasts by the school and also access a library of videos from previous broadcasts, including the most recent commencement keynote speaker. Visitors can also access course schedules and track their application status.
  • Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Mass. The "Suffolk Law Spotlight" offers in-depth analysis of the work being done by law professors at the school. For example, one entry highlights a paper by Professor Kathleen Elliot Vinson titled "Hovering Too Close: The Ramifications of Helicopter Parenting in Higher Education."
  • Sydney Law School, University of Sydney, Australia. Australia's legal news is at the forefront here, along with information on a host of programs, including the school's distinguished speakers program and its international engagement program. Visitors can also find information on school research and publications along with general info.
  • T.C. Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland, Australia. Visitors to this site can access the school's Research Seminar podcast series, which addresses topics such as "A prosecutorial perspective on sexual assault" and "The admissibility of climate science as evidence." Visitors can also delve into the school's illustrious past with the informative "Heritage and history" section.
  • Vermont Law School, South Royalton, Vt. This school is passionate about environmental law and advocacy, and the site offers information on the school's Environmental Law Center, which it touts as the "largest and deepest" environmental program of any law school. Visitors to the site can access the most recent copy of the Environmental Law Center's newsletter.
  • University of Alberta Law School, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A faculty blog discusses everything from outrageous lawyer commercials to the state of embryo research law in Canada. Visitors can also find an up-to date monthly calendar of events and information on Student Legal Services of Edmonton, a non-profit legal service for low-income individuals staffed by faculty and law student volunteers.
  • University of British Columbia Law School, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This pleasing site offers breaking school information, including an inspiring story about second-year student Josh Vander Vies, who won a bronze medal in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. The site also offers profiles on alumni members, giving visitors an inside look on what some students are doing with their law degrees upon graduation.
  • UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law, Las Vegas, Nev. The UNLV law school site emphasizes recent news and events on its site, including information on the study abroad in India program and the upcoming Public Interest Law Film Festival the school is hosting. UNLV is relatively new on the law school circuit, and the site offers in-depth information on how the school, which is the only ABA accredited law school in Nevada, came to fruition.
  • University of North Dakota School of Law, Grand Forks, N.D. The faculty of UND School of Law is a prolific bunch, as readers can tell by the frequently updated faculty news portion of this site. Site visitors can access faculty publications in PDF form along with a library of videos featuring professors discussing legal issues.
  • University of The Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, Calif. School news is featured prominently on this site, including a story about a surprise visit from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, also a long-time member of McGeorge's faculty. Visitors can also find information on the school's Centers of Distinction, visiting scholars, and upcoming conferences and symposia.
  • Valparaiso University Law, Valparaiso, Ind. This site devotes sections to prospective students, current students and alumni, with a special section for admitted students, where they can find out information on orientation and who to contact for more information. Visitors can also learn more about faculty members, including their education, courses taught and law career details.
  • Washington and Lee University School of Law, Lexington, Va. A special section of the site offers a year-to-year synopsis about what students can expect during their first, second and third year of law school. Prospective students can learn more about life in Lexington, Va. and schedule a visit to the campus. The online photo diary, "scene on campus," offers site visitors a glimpse of campus life as seen through the eyes of the students.
  • Yale Law School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. The Student Perspectives section of the site offers student insights on life at and after Yale Law School. Visitors also have access to comprehensive cost and financial aid information, including a detailed financial aid calendar.

Practically every law school, no matter the size, has a comprehensive and informative website. These sites are great resources for potential, current and former students to learn more about and connect with the school.