Thanks to research from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and related groups, dodging the knife in favor of physical therapy (PT) is becoming easier, more accepted by doctors and -- rather importantly -- more accepted by insurance companies. By and large, it's nice to avoid surgery whenever possible. Some notable findings from the APTA include:

  • Exercise programs developed by physical trainers can reduce athletes' risk of injury by 41 percent.
  • Physical therapy paired with medical management for osteoarthritis of the knee is just as effective as surgery.
  • Physical therapy helps over 90 percent of lower back pain sufferers.
  • Of physical therapy users, 88 percent say the care they received helped them return to normal activity, increased their range of motion and relieved their pain.

As compelling as those numbers are, they pale in comparison to the physical therapy discoveries and successes happening everyday all over the globe. Fortunately, the PT world is full of great blogs to help followers, doubters, practitioners and potential students of physical therapy stay in the loop.

10 Top PT blogs to learn from

These ten top blogs, based on our research and opinion, provide quality information that helps the reader physically get back to 100%. Keeping up with these blogs is like a less-formal version of taking online physical therapy classes -- and it's a great way to supplement your lessons, your practice or your knowledge of PT.

  • Baudry Therapy Center Blog. This blog from Baudry Therapy Center, right outside of New Orleans, is run by their highly educated staff – the physical therapist contributors have doctorates or master's degrees in PT. Their blog focuses on a variety of topics including .
  • Care in Motion. The blog from Sports Physical Therapy of NY, Care in Motion, is your resource for practical, PT advice for all ages -- and motivation. Recent posts include charts breaking down elbow issues in Little League Baseball players and reasons to go into physical therapy as a profession. The team of contributors has, in combination, decades of experience in the field, which brings a level of care and confidence to the writing.
  • Eastpointe Health and Fitness Physical Therapy Blog. With a blog, titled “Rehab Rhetoric”, the Eastpointe Health and Fitness Physical Therapy Blog is as diverse as the expert team of therapists working at this Atlantic Highlands, NJ practice -- because they all contribute content. Topics go from fashion tips for good posture to golf swing and running technique to incorporating yoga and breathing exercises into PT.
  • In Touch Physical Therapy Blog. Harrison Vaughan, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. SMT is a physical therapist who writes the blog for In Touch Therapy in South Hill, Virginia. His posts include full patient differentials and scholarly debate from the field and often come with engaging visuals like diagrams, charts, videos and illustrative pictures of treatments and issues alike. He tackles everything from golf swings to the very language used to communicate about PT. In short, this guy could be considered the House M.D. of PT.
  • Ralph Havens Physical Therapy. Ralph Havens, (previously Mission Hills Physical Therapy) is a group of practitioners dedicated to helping clients through the latest in scientific and hands-on methods. The primary PT at Mission Hills is Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMT, C, in certified Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy. On top of that Ralph is a marathon runner! In the blog, the Mission Hills staff covers everything from helpful running techniques to utilizing the power of the mind in healing.
  • My Physical Therapy Space. My Physical Therapy Space is the blog for Evidence In Motion (EIM), an educational institution offering online and hands-on courses in physical therapy as well as consulting services. Topics cover the full spectrum, from news to full and fairly academic responses to articles in contemporary PT. Contributors vary as much as post topics -- and are just as engaging and professional.
  • PT Connect Physical Therapy Blog. This blog is geared towards PT professionals, doling out everything from financial and marketing help to advice for potential students of physical therapy. PT Connect wants to create a community for students and therapists alike to discuss physical therapy issues and get important questions answered. Whether you're enrolled on campus or in an online physical therapy program, you'll find that there are no stupid questions -- just helpful people -- in the PT Connect Physical Therapy Blog community.
  • Recovery Physical Therapy Blog. With 12 locations around New York City, Recovery Physical Therapy has a track record that attracts seasoned experts and serious clients -- and it shows in their blog. Posts follow popular athletes, diagnosing and breaking down issues with charts and spot-on commentary. The most prominent contributor is Abby Corsun Sims, MS, PT and Director Emeritus of Recovery PT. She and her team have decades of experience in the field as leading providers of PT in the NYC area.
  • The Manual Therapist. Written by Erson Religioso III DPT, FAAOMPT out of New York, this blog covers issues light-heartedly, thoroughly and frequently. The author talks about real patients and answers your real questions. He's active on Facebook and does an amazing job rounding up important PT news. Erson does a great job covering a breadth of knowledge that could be considered almost as good as an online college courses.
  • WebPT Blog. WebPT is a software solution for physical therapists who are already practicing, which dictates a lot of their blog material, so this is a great resource for current therapists. Topics include technology advancements like using a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect in therapy sessions, growing your practice through social media, news and, as you might expect, information and updates about the WebPT platform.

If you aren't already practicing physical therapy -- but you're interested enough to be looking up PT blogs -- online physical therapy programs can help you get started on your way to a bright future in the field without a major commitment up front. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 39 percent increase in physical therapy jobs from 2010 to 2020 -- a whopping 77,000+ new positions. With preventative medicine and non-invasive procedures growing in popularity, you could be living well and helping people at the same time.