1. Get a Good Night's Sleep: A clear head and an alert mind will serve you far better than a tired brain crammed with information you can only fuzzily recall. Skip the last minute cramming, and get some ZZZs.

  2. Eat: And that doesn't mean Krispy Kremes and coffee. Filling up on sugar and caffeine could make you jittery, and you don't want to crash from your sugar high in the middle of the test. Studies show that good nutrition makes you perform better. Eat that fruit and wheat toast before you head out for the test.

  3. Skim the Whole Test First: Look for the questions that are worth the most points. This way you can focus on the most important questions.

  4. Start with Easy Questions: Answering the questions you definitely know the answer to will build your confidence. These first responses also could jog your memory and help you recall information that you need for longer, more complex questions.

  5. Trust Your Instincts: Over-thinking questions could lead you to wrong answers. Many times your first response to a question is your best. If your gut says choose C, go for it.