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Who needs a CLEP?

CLEP, which stands for College Level Examination Program, is a series of examinations that demonstrate college-level achievement in specific courses. These examinations award a student academic credit for passing a test. Anyone who can pass a CLEP instead of taking a course can reduce the cost and time to complete their degree.

Who conducts CLEP tests, and where can you take them?

The examinations are sponsored by the College Board and are administered at a number of colleges and at some high schools throughout the year. Check with your local college or high school for dates and times of the various CLEP tests being offered.

How do you take a CLEP exam?

CLEP exams are delivered on a computer at specific testing facilities.

What subjects do CLEP exams cover?

CLEP examinations can measure general or specific knowledge. CLEP tests can cover natural sciences, math, social science, history, literature, or humanities.

Is it similar to life experience credit?

No. CLEP exams are used to measure existing proficiency in specific courses. While not all schools offer life experience credit, most schools do accept CLEP exams in place of course credit.

How does CLEP testing work?

A student takes a CLEP exam in a specific academic subject. If the student earns a high enough score on the CLEP subject exam, college credit can be awarded. Students can take more than one test. However, there is a fee for each test taken. Check with the school of choice to see specific details about CLEP exams and credits awarded.

How soon will I receive my CLEP score?

With the exception of the English Composition Essay, you will receive your scores from CLEP exams instantly.

How will I get my scores to the school of choice?

When you take a CLEP exam, the testing software will ask you which college, employer, or certifying agency you want to receive your CLEP test scores.

How much do CLEP exams cost?

CLEP exams are approximately $60 each.