We've all heard about those personality tests that tell us what types of people we are. Some of us are extroverted and creative. Others of us are introverted and systematic. Have there been any tests conducted that predict what personality type has the best capacity to learn? Although there are many theories about who learns best, empirical evidence shows that with the proper motivation and teaching, anyone can become a good learner.

Some people are naturally able to internalize concepts more efficiently than others, but the main aspect of a personality that can affect learning is attitude. Luckily, attitudes can be changed. Those who are self-directed, open-minded, and motivated can usually achieve their learning goals. With work and support, most people can change their attitude towards learning in a positive way. Realizing that learning a skill will help lay the foundation for a career can be motivation enough to hit the books. Those that have problems learning often think that aspects of their education won't help them in the long run. If they don't respect their instructor or can't see how certain knowledge will benefit them later, they might lose the motivation it takes to engage in the learning process.

With self-direction and motivation, you can succeed in your educational pursuits.