I am interested in Business and am only a few credits away from my business degree. I just need to finish, I was hoping to finish online. Do you have any advice?

The ideal course of action is to finish your degree where you began it, to ensure that all your credits count toward the degree. If an online education suits your better, contact your original program and check whether an online course or two will satisfy their business degree requirements.

If your previous school does not accept transfer credits from another institution, or if your current credits are from multiple schools, research online programs and get on the phone with as many admissions counselors as possible. There is no standard for transferring credits. Each school determines on a case by case basis how many credits they will accept. Some schools recognize that it's in their interest to keep you around -- and paying tuition -- as long as possible; others will drive a better bargain.

Shop for an online university as you would for insurance or a home loan -- compare programs online. Directory sites such as WorldWideLearn.com do the legwork for you. You'll find all the information collected in one place, and can link directly to each school's information request page. Just type in your contact info and an admissions counselor will contact you.