How do I access information about online teaching jobs in the nursing field?

Do you have a university or community college campus near you? Do any of these schools offer accredited nursing programs? If so, start your research locally. Set up an appointment with someone in the nursing school and bring your transcripts and curriculum vitae along as well. A personal meeting rather than solely connecting through e-mail or phone, allows you to show your communication skills one-on-one. Sitting down with someone also shows that you are serious and want to absorb any information the person is willing to share.

Prepare a list of questions before your meeting. What qualifications is the school looking for in their instructors? What training in an online format is necessary? Will the campus provide training? If location matters to you, ask if you must be on campus to teach your courses. Perhaps the school doesn't offer online learning yet, but there is hope for the future. Make sure you leave your curriculum vitae for future consideration and ask the person for advice on other online opportunities he or she might be aware of at other campuses. Securing contacts and circulating your curriculum vitae are great ways to finding and landing an online instructor's position.