I have my teaching certificate and a master's degree in elementary education. My goal is to be certified as a specialist who works with dyslexic students. How can I find dyslexia training programs for this certification?


It takes a special kind of person to work with children, especially those who struggle with a learning challenge. I commend you for your drive to help struggling readers. Reading is one of the most vital components of learning and with some hard work and guidance from a dyslexia specialist, children with the disability can overcome their challenges.

Many dyslexia specialists start out as elementary teachers or are speech and language therapists, reading specialists, or special education teachers. You did not mention your area of concentration for your master's degree in elementary education program. Many colleges and universities offer education master's degree concentrations like language and literacy or dyslexia studies.

You may also find that some universities offer graduate studies certificate programs in dyslexia training. Prerequisites for these programs often include experience working within a school setting and teaching certification. Typically these programs involve around 5-7 courses that involve intense study of dyslexia including diagnosis information and intervention strategies.

The International Multi-sensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredits a number of dyslexia training programs across the country in around 25 states. Finding a program that is nationally accredited is important to ensure that your training will be recognized by potential employers or clients. Accreditation also gives you peace of mind that your program's coursework and content is of high-quality. I recommend searching the directory of dyslexia training programs on the IMSLEC's website to search for courses in your area.