I am a security Manager for a company in Dubai. I am seeking to do some sort of online degree but not very sure what to take. I would prefer to do a security management course that covers all aspects of security.

I do not understand the American system with this credit system as I am not sure if I have credits. I have vast experience in the security field and have done many courses in the past.

Security management is a booming field, and there are a number of online options available. It's important to research the programs carefully. Different programs emphasize different areas of security, some of which might not be applicable to your needs. For example, some security management programs teach procedures specific to an American context. Others prepare students to work in the U.S. Homeland Security Department--probably not what you had in mind.

Since you work for a private company in Dubai, you will probably be better served with a program that emphasizes generally-applicable security courses such as cyber-security and information protection, or loss prevention. Many programs are geared to working professionals in the security field, and will build on the career experience you already have. These programs may focus more on managerial techniques and the practical application of security measures.

As for transferring credits from other security management courses, there is no standard policy. It's really up to the individual school, so check with the admissions department before applying. If your credits are from an accredited U.S. program and are directly relevant to the school's requirements, you stand a good chance of transferring them. Otherwise, it's unlikely that your credits will apply. Credit for work experience is virtually unheard of, though your experience could count in your favor in other ways. If you apply to a school with a selective admissions process, for example, your work experience will make you a more attractive candidate.

The outlook is good for well-trained security professionals, especially those in the Information Technology sector. Good luck to you.