I am looking into getting my master's degree in health care management. I do not have a business background and I am not good in math. Does this program involve lots of math? How can I find a program that plays to my strengths?

I commend you on your efforts to advance your education and make a career change into a field that capitalizes on your strengths. Health care management is a wise choice because the industry is expanding and job opportunities are increasing, especially for those with hold advanced degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in medical and health care management are expected to grow by 16 percent between 2006 and 2016.

As of 2008, there were 72 accedited instututions that offer a master's in health care management, so you have many options to choose from. While you can expect to take some mathematics courses as you work towards your graduate degree, this is certainly not the focus of the program. To give you an idea of possible coursework, some classes required within most health care management programs are:

  • human resources administration
  • strategic planning
  • law and ethics
  • health and information systems
  • epidemiology
  • health economics
  • hospital organization
  • marketing
  • accounting and budgeting

If after further research you determine that a master's in health care management is not the best fit for you, a great research tool to use is Worldwidelearn.com's guide to majors. You will find helpful information like types of degrees offered, requirements for education, licenses and certification, job possibilities, and career trends for a wide range of majors. I am confident you will find a career that puts your talents to use!