How do I write an essay to justify my choice of a professor to supervise my master's degree research program?

Is it safe to assume that you have spoken with the professor already and that you are writing to the university board or a specific department? If this is the case, the professor will be your greatest ally in writing a successful essay. Schedule an appointment with him or her to discuss the research project and essay before starting.

Be sure you follow the usual rules of writing an essay. Most likely, you have had to write a countless number of essays for your bachelor's degree program, and maybe even a few for your master's degree program. Of course, the same rules apply for this type of essay. Be sure your essay has an introduction that clearly states what you will discuss in your paper, a body that supports your main idea, and a conclusion that summarizes what you have said. Don't forget the power of proofreading. Nothing ruins an essay like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or incorrect punctuation. After you are confident with your proofreading, consider having one or two friends or family members read over your essay for mistakes as well. A fresh pair of eyes can usually find errors more easily than the author.

Clearly state the professor's experience with your research topic and briefly discuss your personal history with the professor. One of the most important things to include in the essay is how the professor's experience matches your professional or research goals. State in the essay how you think the professor will support your work based on his experience. Be sure to make it evident that your personalities mesh well and discuss how confident you are that your learning will flourish under this professor's supervision.

Best of luck with your master's degree research program.