Can you give me some advice on how to find a legit high school diploma program? I am in NC and want to go to college, but I have been reading bad reviews about some online programs that offer high school diplomas.

I commend you for wanting to advance your education by earning your high school diploma online and for your ambition to attend college in the future. You have made a good decision in choosing a diploma over a GED, based on your desired education path. An online diploma program will better prepare you for your up and coming college career. Additionally, a high school diploma online is often more impressive than a GED to a potential employer or an admission counselor.

It is also impressive that you have educated yourself on the importance of accreditation; I'm happy to hear that you have been reading current literature on the subject. In order to ensure that online high schools are recognized and accepted by colleges and universities, and that all your hard work pays off, it is necessary to choose an institution with accreditation.

An institution has to go through a process to become accredited and this is done by an approved accrediting association. When doing research on colleges and universities, look for information about accreditation on Web sites or in literature about the institution. Many schools, including those that offer online high school diploma programs, clearly state their accreditation status and who they are accredited by on their Web sites. If you can't find this information online, I recommend calling the school and speaking to an admissions counselor. They should be able to tell you if they are accredited, but be sure to ask which association they are accredited by. You can then check WorldWideLearn's United States Accreditation resource to make sure the association is listed.

You are on your way to taking your education to the next level--keep up the good work!