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With more than 300,000 graduates around the world, Ashworth College has shown a dedication to providing a quality, distance learning environment to its students. From career diplomas to graduate degrees, students who attend Ashworth can expect to get the preparation they need to pursue several professional paths. Additionally, they can enjoy the convenience online degree programs provide, allowing them to fit education into their busy lives.

School history

Ashworth began providing online education to students with a single course in 1987. At the time, the then family-owned institution was offering a real estate class that quickly grew in popularity. The founders of the school realized there was a solid need for career education in the distance learning space, so they subsequently began the Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI).

After its inception, PCDI expanded quickly and by 1996, a SACS-accredited online high school, called James Madison High School, had become part of the institution. In the following years, PCDI began offering associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs to its educational offerings. In 2007, PCDI was renamed Ashworth College as a reflection of its diverse distance learning programs.

Today, almost 30 years since it first began offering classes, Ashworth College has 125 programs, including a number of online degrees.


Award Granted

Granting Institution

Charter membership in the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society: In 2008, Ashworth College was chosen to become a member of the group, and was given the Alpha designation because it was the first chapter in the entire state of Georgia.

This honor allows students who meet certain criteria to be inducted in Delta Epsilon Tau and receive a Gold Key of Distinction and personalized Certificate of Membership.

The Distance Education and Training Council

Featured in documentary series: In 2010, Ashworth College was featured in the television documentary series, National Education Report. The show discussed the school's efforts to provide quality online degree programs to students in the United States -- as well as on an international level. Students and school officials were interviewed for the show.

National Education Report

Cost to attend

Tuition at Ashworth varies from program to program. For example:

  • A diploma in carpentry costs $558
  • An associate degree in paralegal studies is $991 per semester for four semesters
  • A bachelor's degree in marketing is $1089 per semester eight semesters
  • A master's degree in human resource management is $2800 per semester for three semesters
  • A professional certification in interior decorating is $758

The school also charges student fees for administrative costs and shipping materials including textbooks, study guides, and lesson books. When students enroll in an online degree program, they are required to give the school a down payment.

Financial aid

Ashworth College is dedicated to providing an affordable educational option, so it does not offer loans to its students. Despite this, the school does offer different discounts and payment arrangements for students who enroll in its online degree programs. The following are some examples of tuition assistance that students can take advantage of:

  • Limited time offers may allow students to get a certain amount off of their tuition for a certificate, diploma, or degree program. For example, as of this writing, Ashworth College is offering up to $300 for students who enroll by a certain date. Similarly, the school is offering a free semester for an associate degree for students who have paid for and completed two semesters
  • Ashworth alumni can receive the Alumni Rewards Discount when they enroll in another degree program. Specifically, those who enroll in an associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree program can get $400 off of their tuition; students pursuing a career certificate receive $100 off; and those who begin a graduate or undergraduate certificate program receive a $100 tuition discount
  • Students with two or more family members in the same household enrolled at the school may receive $100 off their tuition
  • Ashworth has a referral program that allows students to receive $50 off their tuition when a friend they refer to the school enrolls in an online degree program

In addition to these discounts, Ashworth College allows students to set up a payment plan for their tuition. The school's website has a tuition calculator that helps them select a payment schedule that easily fits into their budget.

Online offerings

Ashworth College offers a variety of degree programs that are categorized by the following areas of study:

  • Business
  • Creative Services
  • Criminal Justice
  • Trades
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

To assist students and help them succeed in their online degree programs, the school has a portal where they can take their course exams and find their grades. In addition, the online interface includes student discussion groups, a study hall area and student services assistance.

Highlighted programs

Here are some of the standout programs currently of offer at Ashford:

Medical Billing and Coding

This program prepares students for a growing career where professionals process invoices and work with insurance companies to get payments to a healthcare facility. Students enrolled in this program take courses that prepare them to take the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist examination that is administered by the National Healthcareer Association.

Coursework that students focus on covers topics such as medical terminology, insurance plans, hospital medical billing, and workers' compensation.

Associate Degree in Accounting

This program gives students the accounting foundation they need to prepare for a career in the field, as well as general education courses that make them well-rounded thinkers. When students complete this program, they can expect to have knowledge about accounting principles and processes, computer technical skills, mathematical skills and an understanding of fundamental business principles.

Students in this program take accounting-related courses like principles of accounting, business law and introduction to business, as well as electives like public speaking and English composition.

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

Students who earn these degrees often obtain jobs at government and public service agencies, as well as for private companies. In order to train for these jobs, students in this program learn about the law and procedures of the American justice system and how criminal investigations work.

This degree offers courses about subjects such as criminal law, ethics in criminal justice, policing, juvenile justice and criminology. In addition, students in this program are required to take electives outside of the criminal justice department, such as subjects in humanities and social science.

Master's Degree in Business Administration

Students enroll in this degree program to either enter a business career, or advance in their existing one. When they graduate, they can expect to learn the business concepts they need to succeed in their careers, as well as how those theories can be applied to day-to-day workplace situations.

The curriculum of this program includes coursework in subjects such as marketing management, managerial accounting, entrepreneurship, business law, and project management. In addition to classes, students in this program also participate in research projects and activities that deepen their understanding of the course material.

Student life

Even though Ashworth does not have a campus to go to, students can still connect with their peers and have a rich experience. In addition to class-related services, students can leverage social media to interact with each other and keep abreast of the latest information from the college that they need to know. Through its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, students have access to a wealth of opportunities to meet and learn from each other.

In addition, when students graduate, the school hosts festivities to celebrate students' successes.


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