Students who enroll in online locksmithing courses typically learn the technical skills central to the job. According to O*NET Online some of these core tasks include:

  • Duplicating keys withmar a machine or manually
  • Keeping records of locks and keys
  • Installing, repairing and maintaining door or car locks, vaults and security devices
  • Open locks when keys can't be located
  • Managing a master key system
  • Installing alarm systems

Skills typically learned in locksmithing courses

There are many subjects that students typically learn as part of an online locksmithing course.This is a list of typical subjects, according to a review of the curricula of various online locksmithing courses:

  • Identifying keys
  • Picking locks
  • Master keying
  • Lock impressioning
  • Hand filing
  • Rekeying
  • Home and business security
  • Safes and vaults
  • High security locks

Students in online locksmithing classes may also learn the skills necessary to run a locksmithing business. In these classes, locksmithing students learn how to effectively advertise their services, set prices, decide what services to provide and conduct business in a legal and ethical manner.

Applying locksmithing skills to the workplace

Locksmithing skills are usually a combination of mechanical knowledge and soft skills. O*NET provides a breakdown of the top five areas of knowledge:

The mechanical skills that students learn in online locksmithing courses can give them the foundation to pursue other careers, such as access control technician. This role entails installing and maintaining electronic lock systems, encoding key cards for people who are authorized to enter a building and keeping abreast of changes to the technology. Another related field that locksmithing students can potentially enter is that of safe and lock technician, which requires the ability to open a variety of locks using methods other than drilling.


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