Thinking of a new career in fitness? Distance learning and online training programs available in sports management, nutrition, personal fitness trainer, sports therapy, aerobics, fitness instructor, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and more.

People interested or already active in a career related to sports, fitness and nutrition tend to be more than just jocks. There are many opportunities for individuals who want to try to take a love of sports and health to the next level.

Skills learned in online sports, exercise, fitness and nutrition education

Whether a prospective student plans to seek a university degree in sports science, take a single class for continuing education in your career, or you are seeking a certificate for online fitness programs, online nutrition programs, or a personal training certification online, you can expect some or all of the following types of courses and tasks:

  • Watching online live or recorded instructor lectures
  • Taking rigorous multiple choice exams about physiology and biology
  • Passing practical exams to demonstrate your ability to apply training and fitness concepts
  • Getting certified in CPR
  • Increasing your knowledge of wellness, flexibility, cardio and other related areas

A potential starting point for personal trainer certification would be the National Board of Fitness Examiners, a non-profit organization that ensures athletic trainers are competent and ethical professionals. The Board also offers details on what a prospective student can expect in related programs.

Additionally, when reviewing available options prospective students may want to determine whether a program or school has been certified by an organization like the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

Sports, fitness and nutrition skills in the workforce

While everyone can potentially benefit from knowing more about health and fitness, if you are serious about a profession in one of these fields, you have many opportunities.

Graduates with an online nutrition education can potentially be employed at schools, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, grocery stores and gyms in addition to a variety of other private and public businesses. A number of these same types of entities employ graduates of online fitness education programs. As health and fitness become more popular topics, as the fight against obesity intensifies and as the population of retired Americans continues to increase, there is no doubt that a background in sports, fitness and nutrition will be valued for the foreseeable future.


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