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Career Planning
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A diploma is the certificate or document that is awarded to graduates of an educational institution, officially confirming that the student has successfully completed a program. The word "diploma" originates from the Greek word meaning "folded license." Typically, a diploma is the standard credential of completion of a high-school education, but it may also be used in certifying the successful completion of continued education and adult education programs.

Types of Diploma Programs:

Diplomas are generally offered in successful culmination of high-school work.
  • Campus-Based Graduation Diplomas
    These indicate successful completion of all established state and local requirements for a high-school diploma. Most schools permit work toward completing a high-school diploma from 1-4 years after a student turns eighteen.
  • Adult or Continued-Education Diplomas
    These are awarded for successful completion of on-campus or distance-based coursework that leads to passing the standardized General Educational Development Test (GED). The GED is awarded following tests in five academic subjects where the student scores higher than 60% of the sample set of graduating seniors.

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